Jungle Brothers - Straight Out Of The Jungle Lyrics

Jungle Brothers Lyrics

Straight Out Of The Jungle Lyrics
Educated man, from the motherland
You see, they call me a star but that's not what I am
I'm a jungle brother, a true, blue brother
And I've been to many places you'll never discover
Step to my side, suckers run and hide
Africa's in the house, they get petrified
You wanna know why, I'll tell you why
Because they can't stand the soght of the jungle eye
They never fight or fuss, they never curse or cuss
They just stand on the side and stare at us
They get out of line, I put 'em on a vine
And give 'em one big push for all mankind
There ain't nuttin to it, I just go head and do it
And lay down the jungle sound and run right through it
And when I'm on the mic, I never stutter or stumble
'Cause I'm a Jungle Brother, straight out the jungle

Cool and quiet, but quick to start up a riot
I write the rhyme, bums assist to bite it
I wear no gold around my neck just black medallions
And sold the home of true black stallions
I don't care for fair 'cause fair-fair's meat
Out of 10 ways of dying, the first might cheat
I'm harder than the hardest, hardest, hard can get
Africa and I, while Sammy B's on the set
I kick the rhyme to the girl and she became my pet
I lend some sucker some juice and now he's in debt
The sucker said he wasn't scared but still in all he sweat
A poor man became rich because some meeky bet
My brother's searching high and low, they'll looking for me
Where will they find me, in the J-U-N-G-L-E

It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going
under [x4]

Struggle to live (struggle to live) struggle to survive
Struggle (struggle) just to stay alive
'Cause inside the jungle, either you do or you die
You got to be aware, you got to have the jungle eye
Take it from a brother who knows my friend
The animals, the cannibals will do you in
Cut your throat (cut your throat) stab you in the back
The untamed animal just don't know how to act
It's unbelievable (unbelievable) uncivilized (ci-civilized)
And now I'm starting to realize
Danger in the jungle, the jungle means danger (danger)
Tension intense, hearts filled wit anger (anger)
Men killing men just because of one's color
In this lifetime, I've seen nothing dumber
So I think before I make a move
Make sure my rhyme goes along wit the groove
And backing on a brother it's time to rumble
My name's Mike G (Mike G) and I'm straight out the jungle

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