Jungle Brothers - Jungle Brother (True Blue) Lyrics

Jungle Brothers Lyrics

Jungle Brother (True Blue) Lyrics
[Mike G]
Cope the circumference,
To get the duckets
When I touch this, deluxe this
NYC's throughout my bloodstream
So when I steam
All I dream is cream
Wrap my seed in jewels
Stay a brother the all means
ACGO the weather
my crazy clique is too clever
You should know to come better
'Cause we taking loss never
Post the notes of exotics
Take you back to the tropics
Cause you led on a tour by the three black prophets


SLap you wit the mo bat sound track-slap!
JBs is official back on the matt
Got the Mike G
Got the Sammy B
Got the A to the double to the B
Like Earth Wind and Fire
Never will retire
This time around, ya gonna call messiah
On the live wire bouncin like a rubber tire
Ninety seven
Gonna go to heaven and higher

We known throughout the jungle as the Jungle Brothers [x3]

The jungle the jungle the brothers the brothers

We represent the jungle,
[Mike G]
we represent the brothers.
Coming at you live
[Mike G]
like New York Undercover.

Lightweight styles
[Mike G]
Will only get smothered

It be like that where I come from, my brother

Streets filled with heat
These blocks are hot seat
Ghetto warriors with skills to compete.
Lift you off your feet
Paint you with the feet
Give you something new every time that we meet.
I'm on the front pages
My microphone gauges [What?]
Blastin in your faces
Straight up jungle funk
Is what we use to lace this

we jungle we jungle we brothers we brothers

[Mike G]
Brothers maintain
No joke with the focus
Pop up on your ass presto hocus pocus
Crush all that bogus
Put your style unnoticed
Believe what you heard 'cause you know that I want this
Flow over tracks like boats on water
Have ya walk the plank if ya get out of order
Gotcha, caughtcha sweeping up the street
Check out what I boughtcha - a batch of new beats.
Excites your crowd at the Madison Square
Garden we keep ya head bobbin'
Make ya act retarded when ya see the JBs is on the set
You get more than what you bargained for
Your listening pleasure
So come out with that loot and buy my record at the store.

The jungle, the brothers
The jungle, the jungle, the brothers, the brothers [x11]
We jungle, we jungle, we brothers, we brothers

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