Jungle Brothers - I Get A Kick Out Of You Lyrics

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I Get A Kick Out Of You Lyrics
Sweet sensations of a freaky temptation
Got me feeling right for what I'm facing
Chocolate chip, sugar dipped
Got me clipped to the hip
Of a honey hustling
hot heart bustling
here cause my wife
hope I don't get busted [BUSTED]
messing at the girl I'd like to get a chance
and yes, I have a taste for some skins
slick daddy down six pack of safety
I like to keep in mind I entered her safely
In, out and away we go
Hidey hidey ho as I ride this
What this feeling is I really don't know
Before it gets worse I think I better go
I'm dreaming of you while I'm looking at you
I really don't think that's a good thing to do
You got me singing those oh ee blues
I get a kick out of you

I get a kick out of you, I get a kick [x2]

I wore the jimmy hat
To make sure I'm strapped
Cause you know I'm not going out like that
Getting with ya and I barely even know ya
One might say I'm nothing but a ho, huh?
But I know this, one simple kiss
Could blow me away and I don't want that
Now I'm faced on your love at first sight
But this ain't going to be a dog eat dog night
Take away my life for just getting laid?
While, I'd rather stay young and keep getting paid
Took me to her crib and when we got there
Now I'm saying to myself Oh Lord ya
I looked her in her face
And then she looked me in mine
And I was feeling kinda horny, she was looking fine
I said baby doll, I want to get close to you
Because that's what a man is supposed to do
And I be hugging and squeezing and holding you
You know why because I get a kick out of you

I getta kick out of you, I get a kick [x11]

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