Jungle Brothers - Feelin' Alright Lyrics

Jungle Brothers Lyrics

Feelin' Alright Lyrics
Zigga-one, zigga-two, zigga-three, zigga-and..
Mindin my business, hangin on the scene
Kangaroos rolled by -- but I was clean
?? got my tiger skin suit
Hair braided up and my Jungle Brother boots
Hopped on the vine and swung through the city
Today's your day, said the neighborhood gypsy
Kept on jumpin to the other side of town
The place where I want to go to get down
Jam-packed and one green light
Not a crumb or crack and I'm feelin alright

[Mike G]
?? vibe and all systems go (uh-huh)
Packin my gear, headin for the next show (yeah)
Coolin on the stoop, waitin for my ride
My man Keith steps to my side
Chris pulls up, Uncle Sam next to him (uh-huh)
I step to the curb he says, "C'mon, get in!"
Grandma waved as Chris hits the gas (yeah)
My hat flew off and Keith just laughed
Afrika's with Sam, holdin on to his seat
as Sam does ninety to a new Bush beat
Arrive to the show with no time to spare
Check in the mirror run my hand through my hair
Offered drinks and drugs, to get me high
I put my hands in my pocket and passed them by

Well uhh, ahh-ooooh - I stretched out and yawned
Brushed my teeth then I carried on
Got myself dressed and off to work
I got there early, the boss was happy
"Hey, good mornin Afrika
Let me show ya the surprise that I have for ya"
Pulled out a check and read out raise
and I be cold vacationed for 60 days
60 days, layin in the shade
And on top of that I'm stone cold paid
Packed the trunk of clothes and funk
Jumped on the plane, now what's my name?
Honey child, you can't tell me nothin
Out in the Motherland for two whole months
and WHOO! Feelin alright
Uh-huh, feelin alright..

[Afrika scats]

[Mike G]
Home from the show and I'm layin back
Pulled an old school tape from out my rack
Tall glass of AJ and a real soft seat
as Pow-Wow rocks a rhyme to Billy Squire, Big Beat
Cool C recalls of the crowd sayin YEAH
as many hands were thrown up in the air
I've got a fine memory of a very fine night
Can't sleep a wink cause I'm feelin alright!

[Afrika scats]

Feelin alright, feelin alright, yeah yeah
Feelin alright, feelin alright.. [scat]
Feelin alright, feelin alright [scat]
Feelin alright, feelin alright [scats to near end]

Feelin alright, feelin alright, yeah yeah
Feelin alright, feelin alright, yeah yeah [fades out]

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