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Jungle Brothers Lyrics

Book Of Rhyme Pages Lyrics
(Newspaper, Newspaper, Newspaper)

I welcomed everybody I invited to the crib.
It was good to finally see them,
So I asked them how they been (fine)
They answered fine, but worried about the changing time
I served them tea and then I kicked an herbal rhyme
Disciples got me paranoid, I can't avoid
The scriptures got me down as the paperboy (paper paper)
So as I travel through stone sand and gravel,
I pay no mind to babble, gossip and what have you.
'Cause who would want to tamper with the book of rhmes pages? (pages)
Whatever had been written shall be shown to all stages (stages)
My destiny was fatal so I played it to the utmost, (utmost)
The daily news came, but it wasn't the New York Post.
Hallelujah, a baby is born, her name is Dijon
Now that's a sign and symbol that it won't be long

It was the
book of rhyme, book of rhyme, book of rhyme pages [x3]

Some see the end, but then some see nothing
The pages keep on turning and my DJ keeps on cutting.
My constant high on life combats stress and strife,
But there always comes a time when you must sacrifice
So my cells ripidy pop as the lovely lyrics drop
I'm never going back; I'm over stocked with stock
Cops and thiefs both practice same beliefs
So I run and make my own
So I don't need grief
Now I'm shakin' the rhythm up
I always drop chance
Cause in cups chance on gettin' goin' down
Chance on gettin' goin' up
Fun and games need not be played
Cause you make the wrong move and you will get slayed
Confused by thevoices of your spiritual choices
The jungle is a place that holds a many of forces.
Good and evil
Ragged and regal
So read book of life and make sure that you see to

Book of rhyme, book of rhyme, book of rhyme pages [x8]

Emcees want to compete with my book of rhyme pages
As a Zulu, how shall we teach the lessons and the stages
There's four developing stages in the art of hip hop
And most of them developped from the snap crackle and pop
The first was the usage of an actual band,
The second was a drum machine made by a man,
The third was the human beats box and percussion
The fourth in line was samplin' and the the boof of rhyme bustin'
Some say it is illegal,
but according to my scriptures,
These are the tools that I'm to use
To help me paint my pictures,
To brag and boast is just a higher level of description
What only matters are the facts not the fictions
'Cause anything is possible in the book of rhyme pages
Good frame of mind is what you need to make a split decision
The answer's in your face, so be sure to use your vision.
[Rewind rewind]

Book of rhyme, book of rhyme, book of rhyme pages [x8]

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