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Juice Lyrics

Sincerely Lyrics
Sometimes tha illest cats don't get record deals [laugh]
Sometimes the illest cats roam the streetsÂ….
Underground legends
Cats you never heard of,
But everybody know they tha nicest
This is for them catsÂ….

When I design rhyme in daylight
Or primetime I stay tight
I walk the fine line between an emcee and a play right
I represent the underground world, it's a unique scene
There's no record deals, no videos and street teams
I do shows to keep green
I know I'm not a star man, I'm signed to myself
And my mic's my A&R man
In double nine I guess it's just a sign of tha times
The spotlight that I've been looking for is finally mine
I never thought about the dough when I'm designing my rhyme
As long as I can reach my peoples over vinyl I'm fine
It ain't about that
I opened up for cats who ain't as dope as me
While I rip the flow, they lips sink, the show hopelessly
From Heaven I was set to game to entertain
I may never pimp that '75 ta cop that blue range rover
But even if I don't remain sober
I'ma score double digits till the f*ckin' games over

[Canibus] "Whether they signed or unsigned"
[Redman] "Platinum more wax for..platinum in tha streets"

I don't care if I'm right, wrong , or in between
All night long I pimp tha scene they said I couldn't write songs,
I intervene
Don't think because the battle rhymes are what I'm know for
I can't out write the best of em, or rip the microphone
Raw my words are deep
Keep my tape handy when you're buzzin
Let my thoughts deep inside ya dome,
Tell a cousin or friend play my CD when you guzzlin' Gin
Come down but then recite it when you buzzin' again
You must respect the flow
Point blank I'm a professional
Exceptin' no less than excellence, that's how tha session go
Embracin' my Rhyme, when I'm gone who's replacin' mine?
I trace a line that transcend all space and time
I implement infinite lyrics that are intricate
The type of shit discussed my mob bosses eatin' shrimp and shit
Those with intellect they understand how I wrote it
But the average mind can take 5 years to decode it

[Chorus: scratche]
[Canibus] "Whether they signed or unsigned"
[Redman] "Platinum more wax for..platinum in tha streets"

Gradually I drift off imagining me
The baddest emcee, wondering what my status will be
A little local battle emcee who never made the grade?
Or a gifted lyricist who used to spit with razor blades?
Ever time I win the battles they dissected my words
I'll probably never get the props or the respect I deserve
The magazines claim I wrote my battle rhymes like they knew me
Then they wanna call the next day and f*ckin' interview me
Do I really have props?
Is it really that stable
when they ask me to freestyle when I walk up into labels?
When they take me for lunches and drinks inside they limos?
And fu#k around and play me somebody else's demo
J-U ya'll niggaz all know what his name is
The Cat that got famous
By never being famous
I'll probably roam the underground scene for all times
Signed sincerely JUICE the unsigned

[Canibus] "Whether they signed or unsigned"
[Redman] "Platnum more wax for..platnum in tha streets"
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