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Raise It Up Lyrics
super lyrical, nigga, juice a miracle
fans say "we love you, we so used to hearing you"
flow boost the spiritual, more proof I'm tearing you
vocal booth imperial, I'm so used to stereos
bumping and banging, no truce, I'll bury ya
dumping and slanging, my flow's loose, America
flow nuke the area, hoes juke in various
places if she suck dick, no crew could marry her
whole crew preparin ta, blow through the area
french teacher like "merci beaucoup" preparing us
no crew is near to us, no dude compared to us
conglom, those dudes are so rude and arrogant
s'yeah, we got it mastered, most crews experiment
local derelict, dawg, both crews I'm there with it
beef is generational, most dudes inherit it
in the name of allah, I'll smoke you in arabic

so when you see me, get your hands up
raise 'em high (sung)
and I don't wanna have to f*ck your mans up
he will die (sung)
what you gonna do in them big rims?
pass you by (sung)
nigga, conglomerate is hear now, niggas better bow down
we got enough guns to hold down a whole town

who's original? who's the criminal?
fools'll finish you, these tools'll injure you
three stars, I'm close to a general
here's another lethal dose, new material
compared to the hundred spokes (??), dude I'm grillin you
you ain't hot cause most dudes are feeling you
most dudes are willing to go through the ritual
act like they luh you, they so close to killing you
ten niggas step? I'm slow-roasting ten of you
yellow tape, I'll let po-po host the interview
yo' toast is minimal, go for broke continual
you already know the deal, po' folks are criminals
froze wrote perennials, rope sloped the genitals
fo-fos'll finish you, no hoes to visit you
both folks permitted to hope clothes are fitting you
face down, eyes are both closed, it's pitiful


sick flows are clinical, most flows are suitable
some hoes are miserable, these hoes are beautiful
i got two bitches with dope toes and cuticles
both hoes recruitable, both hoes will shoot at you
heard your last record, it's so-so as usual
it ain't the same J-U, I know the flow confusing you
it's all for the money, we both chose the root of all evil
nigga, it's a crazy world
it's hard to be on top, cause those fools will ruin you
most crews are viewing you, most fools pursuing you
f*ck rap, we all broke through with pharmaceuticals
keep the toast too, gun in my palm will shoot at you
flows are one-a-day, they damn close to chewable
what you gonna do when the east coast is through with you?
down south is hating you, west coast is booing you
die, muthaf*cka, I'm this close to doing you

sheeit, I'll put two in you..
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