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Juice Lyrics

Period Lyrics
You got a question mark? I'm the nigga here [x3]
You got a question mark? I'm the nigga here period...

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 1:]
I'm the nigga here... Who wanna battle?
I got word chemistry, when I'm dead you'll remember me
Juice, I'll serve any nigga breathing in the industry
If you wanna test J, I'll show you the best way
If you want some drama, I'ma send it to you next day
Rappers want a piece of me, y'all niggas better stay away (why)
I'll take your rap style and put it back on lay-a-way
I'll cook the second batch then I cook the first batch
And I be knocking rappers down like a purse snatch
I take your bitch away and then I let the cock slide
Open up your skin and let it bubble like peroxide
Don't even look at me cuz, don't even stare at Juice
That's like jumping out your plane without a parachute
Niggas give me 'nuff love, bitches on the jock why?
Maybe 'cause I ripped them in a circle counter-clockwise
You just a kiss ass... boy you better play track
My style just stay bad, I'm 30 years of Maytag
Kick a legit line of raps made of strychnine
Freaky as a 6-9 and now it's hold my - yo [dick] - time
Throw in the towel, y'all better let the bout cease
I'm swinging with the left hook and knocking out your mouthpiece
You like Superman trying to jump back in the saddle
I got one question, "What rapper wanna battle?"
Vocal tone clarity, mad popularity
I break both your legs and have you screaming, "Juice carry me"

Yeah nigga, I don't care if you got a record deal nigga
We can battle for your contract nigga
What you wanna do?

[Chorus x2]

Yo, face it, rappers is so whack I can taste it
They might as well take their freestyles and freebase it
Or get a 40 ounce if you think you wanna chase it
Put it on the board, like a teacher I'll erase it
Juice, I've been dope since I made my first appearance, black
Then even have your whole style on the clearance rack
But this flow is updated, rather innovative
Y'all rap like ya artificially inseminated [whoo]
But I'ma slay, and I sway any majority
Juice is more fun than panty raids at a sorority
Y'all try to mess with me, but I get ready quick
[horn] I got more parts than any Freddy flick
So, bring on your crew cause I'ma take on three men
Plus, I've been swimming in women since I was semen
I'm not your Candyman, but I slam it one time
And like Sammy Davis, baby, I can make the sun shine
So every brotha think they wanna battle, shut the hell up
Y'all could work in the dark room and still not develop
And if I ever hear you try to talk about me to your friends
I'll be all up in your grill like a contact lens
Who wanna battle?

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