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Juice Lyrics

King Lyrics
September 2 I got it
Yeah yeah you already know who it is
New breath of the muthaf*ckin west coast
I'm a rida patrone and the best smoke
They call juice the T.I. of the west coast
This Arizonas shit on my chest
I'm a ride this bitch out if it means till death
The city can't fight us the rap leonitis
Got 300 killas and goons right beside us
F*ck it I bubble hard from twin to double r
From dre to mike mill I got the life shield
I'm the diamond of the city look around b
Bitch I'm a king in my lane and people crowned me
I've been smashin it I been mashin shit
I break bread in my city like a capitalist
Homie it's like that I'm on the right track
I am to game what dwayne is besides shaq
You see the youngn doin his thang
It's only right stand here say that I'm king

Representing that West Coast flavor yeah...
Calli untouchable DJs yeah...
This is a Calli untouchable Blackwall street exclusive
I got it yeah yeah...
DJ Skee exclusive

I punish ever remix from never? to sweet
Hurricane of the A-Zone ask the streets
Classy leep? spittin with that classic speach
Make these niggas understand there's none after me
I'm so cocky chain stocky
Go hard in the paint call him Charles Barkley
Just watch me uhh
I'm makeing moves like a don
I'm a king about mine and never moveing like a pown?
Checkmate bitch!
The west coast got a facefift
The arizona crown holder that's my statement
Niggas fear me what's real will
The CHR millz and realism
Shot out to bury I
I'm known to ride
I got that pheonix on my chest
So I'm know to rise
Gasta godfather doing his thang
It's only right here stand here stay that I'm king

Ooh that shit was crazy!
That shit was crazy there did you hear that! yeah!
Yeah! Calli untouchable DJs
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