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Freestyle Or Written Lyrics
[Verse 1]
I freestyle erratically for those that wanna battle me
Spit venom at MC's until this mic cord is statiky
Do damage to a salt and a peppa, without the battery
When you diss, you flatter me, i'm f*ckin up your whole anatomy
It's in tannar, oh your hoe, we ran in here
With thirteen king size chocolate antennas
And in my city, for real jo, i'm sick of who talk
About, how me and my man is on the dick of New York
Cuz when I innovate, I incinerate, then I eliminate
You in a state of shock until these niggaz hypervenilate
I serve the east coast to west coast and don't discriminate
Penetrate, I crush all beef right where it eminate
I day light, my stray mic strike from twi-light
And I'ma stay tight, play right, create highlights
And ain't nobody fina do me, especially in this bitch game I'm ruthless
I use my middle finger when I switch lanes, pertainin
TO being entertainin, now I'm rainin, I slay men
Experts and lay men with my play pen, I'm scrapin
Remotely holding rap down and shapin
A style handcrafted since the days of my play-pen
And my drop-top, I rock spots, I got it not-stop, when my glock pop
I had the hardest niggaz playin hop-scotch, I'm top notch
And if she ain't f*ckin then watch me cock block
I hit hot spot, and pop-lock, a nigga knock knock
I'm enterin, Juice's shit is colder than the winter and
These instumentals bang and leave a nigga's skin splinterin
"Friday the 13th" I rip Jason
A slick Mason like Perry, with more game than dick racin
Perfection, rap erection, now let my teks in
I burn your neck skin, these niggaz start epilepsin
Juice steps in, and If a mothaf*ckers tests us
They scrapin his ass of the floor like ass festers

I just freestyle the hook and display my skills
No matter what a nigga kick, you'll be on my dills
Get your notebook, quote, it's time to take notes
Cant f*ck with the freestyles or what I got wrote
Swear to god, I just rip it and freestyles my skills
And everything I kick is dope, so they be on my dills
And When I get done with the song, you think I'm bullshittin
Cuz you wont know if it's freestyle or if the shit is written

[Verse 2]
Niggaz swear to god, they fina rip the microphone
I swear they could go gold if they bought a herringbone
They need knee-pads, looking at my style cuz I'ma be bad
I swear it's sop DOPE, I had to check into a rehab
Never nervous, MC's are worthless, put down your pencil
My instrumental, will cramp your style like a menstrual
scenario, it's time for your mothaf*ckin burial
I'll murder you and burn your promotional material
genetically and alphabetically, I'm the thickest
And theoretically, poetically, I'm the sickest
MY bic is, scribblin, yo it ain't no riddlin
If rap was defense, I'll have Kobe double dribblin
I'll leave this mothaf*cker so hot, it'll be sizzlin
I haven't even started my rain, I'm only drizzlin
I'm unpresentable like pierce needles through your genetals
In general, I'm known for stealin shows like a criminal
I'm crucial, mathematically, I'll reduce you
I'll nuce you, i'll shoot your posse even if they neutral
Yo, don't drink and drive when you choosing my tape
Is like, cruising on the freeway and losing your breaks
And the crash will be a crash that will trash your ass
I'll harass this mothaf*ckers from the first to the last
With no immunity, when my tape hits the black community
Niggaz will put the crack down and start usin me
MY shit enges, average bend downs in inches
My tape so dope, it should've came with two syringes
I blend this, with no glitches for all you bitches
Last time I got so open, I needed stitches
When every nigga in they Lex and Hyundais heard this
I leave niggaz quiet than the Sunday service
I can burn anyone stepping in my jurisdiction
Big Juice, I'm in the house like a shorty on restriction

I'm like Schwarzenegger, when I try to erase
These niggaz talk behind my back but they be all up in my face
If I do kick a written rhyme, for your instant bonus
I'll make you change your name to "The Rapper Formerly Known As"
So next time please just get off my dills
And let me do whatever and display my skills
Cuz no matter if it's freestyle, no matter if it's written
I'm a dope nigga, that's no bullshittin
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