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Juice Lyrics

Black Lyrics
Black numerous times at start and behind the beat

To tell the truth man. Shit, we all grew up in the ghetto
Young black males, huh. Those black girls, hide and go get it
It was real in the hood. Niggaz kept it real. I mean, they did
It was only black. That's all we knew, shit. Ain't a damn thing change
Nigga proud to be one. Put that on anything

[Verse 1]
Don't make me have to get the black gloves and black ski mask
Anything a nigga have to do to get me cash
You know I wear a lot of blue
'Cause that's just what a nigga do
Tonight I got on so much black I look invisible
They say that all black man are criminals, dead orin jail
Well, I'm an angry, young, black individual
My daddy born black, my momma born black
Daddy was a mack and daddy ain't know how to act
But daddy had the black Cadillac, he had black slacks
Driving me to school, I used to toat the black backpack
And napsack, black raps in my mind I'm hearing it
I wrote about the only thing I knew, the black experience
Stick-ball, playing dice by the brick wall
Say bloody mary three times, that bitch will get yall
Street fights, being in before the street lights
Before I ever learned to freak a beat right
Nigga, I was black

Don't be f*ckin round with me 'cause I'll have you seeing black
Trying to get me for the chain, I'll make you faker black
There ain't nothing in my heart or in my soul 'cause it's black
I told you it's black 3X
Now every gram and collar green, nigga that's black
And plastic on a brand new sofa, that's black
Freeze pops, and double dutch and hot chips black
I'm trying to tell you big pimping, that's black

[Verse 2]
My momma told me, don't be on that
Terry, don't get sidetracked
Terry, you was born black, and you gon' die black
And you gon' always be black, and you gon' always know black
Even though, you the lightest motherf*cker on the Kodak
But know that you should act black, knowing you should rap at
Know when to pull it
And when you should shake hands, and that's that
She said, you're black, so them coppers will harrass you
And them black choppers see who hiding in the grass too
She said being black is heaven in hell
But most black man either end up dead or in jail
She told me, you don't have to date black, and you don't have to marry it
But never ever hate black, be proud of it and carry it
And even when they put you in the dirt, they'll never burry it
And don't just have one approach son, you need to varry it
Before baseball, before basketball
Even when my casket fall
A nigga still black


[Verse 3]
Black way of thinking, I'm done with it, I'm through with it
Why they call it black male, f*ck I have to do with it
I never knew they'd punk, every black crack one day
The stock market crashed, and they called it black Monday
black kids are ghetto, black cats are bad luck
Wear black at funerals, to me it doesn't add up
But I don't give a mad f*ck, what you try and label me
I'm one black nigga getting paid from using ABC's
Black are less intelegent, rap is just irrelevant
And in most black neighborhoods, crack is just so prevalent
Disproportionately, I see black put up on death row
And not the one in Interscope either, where all the rest go
And it's still Ok to tell a little white lie
Cops pull over black kids, the black kid, he might die
But no matter what they say, how we destroy the world
I love these black boys and girls
A nigga's proud to be black
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