Jugga The Bully - Tidal Forces Lyrics

Jugga The Bully Lyrics

Tidal Forces Lyrics
(feat. The Continuum)

[Sample:] I want you to know the power of the underground
[Sample:] Man, I've seen some serious shit

[Kory Calico]
Ayo my crew is simply, tryin' to blow like Lewinsky
Without internships, burnin' shit like faulty furnaces
Concerned with this? Your shit's like ??? turnin' tricks
No question, couldn't fake it if I was pro-wrestlin'
Leave my foes restin' in less than 24 seconds
Trained in the deadliest guerilla war methods
In actuality, my rhymes would blind y'all, verbal brilliance
Calico got shine like Pine-Sol, define all
A lyricist, with superior genetic attributes
When I spit, your rhymes look laughable, I blast your crew
Into oblivion, lyrics hotter than Caribbean
Islands, criss-crossin' the Meridian
Ayo I bomb spots, to set it like alarm clocks
With lyrics hotter than television sets at pawn shops
Beyond hot, aint shit y'all can tell me
You couldn't step to me doing a fraternity helming

Ayo, I touch more heads than Selsun Blue
Runni' shit even when I'm drunk just like Boris Yeltsen do
Melt your crew, thermo-nuclear device
And my shit's so nice, my anus won a Nobel Peace prize
Do you see these guys rappin'? And do you know what would happen
If we started clappin' at wack men?
Blowin' shit up like disintary ignitions
You couldn't be on top in the missionary position
I'm splittin', every intention of wack rappers to injure this
Leavin' these hermaphrodite emcees genderless
I'm sendin' this blast through your faulty armor
You gets no ass, I cut chicken heads like poultry farmers
I'll quote your Momma, you'll never be shit
Got you shook, like an epileptic skinhead at Freaknik
I freak shit, f*ck bein' jiggy
Cause beatin' you is like a new Puff Daddy video, no Biggie

[El Juba]
El Juba's a Continuum foot soldier, in one grand corps
GOD body, we utter automatic machine metaphors
Let a war break out, Continuum take out
The target, with bullets we blast for Black markets
The madness, burst your brain when you hawk it
Sparks, flash through the fog and burn darkness
Escalate the conflict like Kosovo
Lick a shot from my cosmic glock like Han Solo
Calico, peel out! Scout dolo, Kno scramble the track,
Turrizt Rugah Pro Stahh & Jugga, attack!
These are the times that test loyalties
Of company we kept before bonus and royalties
Advance me, past these antsy fancy-ass crooks
With blood contracts and dirty books
Past flirty girlies & herbs with murda looks
Warrick Dunn running, we lick shots then we shook the beast
That took the peace of mind, from me and mine
Out in the field, out in the real
Chaos and pain and loss
They wanna show us who's boss
But the cost was the Molotov bombs that we tossed like "BOOM!"

[Jugga the Bully]
We head formal league divisions
You couldn't see Continuum if you tested phototype lenses in Ciba vision
Your rhymes need revision
Some editorial, my victim list reads like the Vietnam vet memorial
Find your name, your time is game
You rhyme in vain through weed clouds, I shine in rain
And dim the darkness, emcees get run down like I'm passin'
The times on their low-rent apartments
I flow liquid, boilin' rhymes 'til they turn into steam
Stream-of-consciousness, burnin' your team
Diffusin' through, abusing crews
Leaving students bruised cruisin' in Borg ships, amused by you Rubix cubes
Can you solve it? Probably not
Jugga revolves with planet gravitational pull
The Earth hault to elevate like my prose pole-vaulted
Dissolve kids in acidic solvents, thoughts get altered
Like pants' hems, f*ck y'all anthems
Targeted for artists by the FDA, for servin' raw shit
It aint my fault, bitch, I warned y'all, I'm hydrochloric
Digital, Kno made the .WAV files with Tidal Forces

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