Jugga The Bully - It's All Bad Lyrics

Jugga The Bully Lyrics

It's All Bad Lyrics
Empty ya pocketbook hand over ya wallet
I got financial problems your money can solve-quick
I've exhausted every option for me it's all-bad
Since I don't got what I want I'll take what ya'll-have

It's hard to admire those folks who got-it-made
I'm in an optic-haze that's why the pot-get-blazed
Busy concoctin'-ways to get my pockets-paid
To hell with legitimate moves that topic's-played
Shots-get-sprayed due to extended frustration
Facin' humiliation, plus-hatin'
Fukk-waitin' negativity scarred-my-surface
My mouth needs washing out disregard-the-curses
And though God-and-Church-is common knowledge-to-me
And I got a college-degree I need dollars-to-flee
Away from harm's-mockery and this darn-poverty
Armed-robbery would fit best with my charm-probably
Left the bar-wobbly hopped in my car-sloppily
Headed to the bank to withdraw ya'll's-property
It's all-gotta-be planned out to the decimal
Fukk that...I'll do it on the fly unprofessional
Don't ask no-questions-hoe just fill-the-sack-up
If you touch that panic button you will-be-clapped-slut
This is really-bad-but I'm clean-outta-options
When one idiot began to scream-out-I-shot-him


Now what started out as robbery is now murder-first
I grabbed the teller and vowed aloud I'd hurt-her-worse
Told every woman in the bank lobby invert-her-purse
Taking advantage of my perks lookin' up skirts-perverse
Had to pistol whip a clerk...someone nurse-the-jerk
You can either leave on foot or be dispersed-in-dirt
Any hearse-would-work so you encased-in transportation
Agitation could mean emancipation cancellation
Brooding ramifications which is including shootings
Cuz I'm trying to come up like the Rodney King lootings
My situation's not improving still won't-surrender-shit
I got a goal...only thing is I don't-remember-it
They prolly think I've masterminded some crime-syndicate
And since I killed that man they won't believe I'm-innocent
Now that I'm-in-this-shit I might as well profit-by-this
Ya'll must meet my demands for me to end this hostage-crisis
The cops-from-vice-is set up with cocked Glock-devices
Plus they got-advisors from the Feds to stop-demises
I know they got-surprises I see the snipers-stationed
I moved the hostages into the vault for isolation
Picked up the phone and told my ransom price-to-Jake-then
Explainin' they have until around midnight-for-payment
Or else these folk go'n be beat down like-enslavement
And I'mma blast any candy ass who tries-to-save-them


It's-critical this-criminal action is despicable
But irresistible since I cannot exist-predictable
Withdraw ya principle take it with me when my chopper-comes
I gotta-run makin' sure my bag is stuffed with lotsa-funds
Must achieve the optimum-score I'm even pickin'-up
Singles I dropped-on-the-floor...heard a knock-on-the-door
Now I'm cockin'-the-four pound "Is my helicopter-fueled-up?"
"Is anyone there hurt?" "Yeah tell-the-doctor-two-but...
They ain't leavin' until I'm out the sniper's-range
And hurry with my weed and clothes I'd like-to-change"
I knew the type-of-games they played...stallin'-for-that-stuff
Callin'-for-back-up to put holes all-in-my-fat-butt
I bust a couple shots and so now they fallin'-back-but
My ammunition’s limited and they started sparkin'-gats-up
Those marksman's-bad-luck translated to good-fortune
They missed me I licked-three more captives to-force-them
To gimme mine now that my body count-is-five
I doubt-that-I've got a chance to make it out-alive
If I survive I'll be executed no life-imprisonment
So I cocked the nine and asked for my-deliverance
I tried-considerin' if my top would not-have-blew-off
But now my main concern is exiting on top-the-roof-loft
I shot-a-few-off flipped off the cops-and-flew-off
Then disappeared in North Cack like I'm Eric Robert-Rudolph


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