Jugga The Bully - If I Was Your Man Lyrics

Jugga The Bully Lyrics

If I Was Your Man Lyrics
If I was your man I wouldn't mind holding hands,
Your wish is my command, Boo I got big plans,
Anything you wanna do we can, damn,
I'm saying call me when your boyfriend don't understand, yeah

First off, I'm no sugar daddy, that's not my name shorty,
Plus I'm no player, that's not my game shorty,
I'm educated, Jugganaut is dedicated to bring relationships to
elevated plateaus,
I won't take you to no chateaus...or villas,
Like them drug dealers but I can fluff your pillows,
Plus give you back massages and corsages,
The kids with the largest wallets be garbage,
But for a minimal price I'll be nice,
Adding some spice to your life and some free advice, think twice,
Before you do the wild thing with niggas,
Just 'cause you sipped some champagne with niggas,
Sometimes it seems it's always the same with sistas,
That's why niggas try to run game on sistas, but
That's not my style, I'd rather see you smile,
Take a step back from that buckwild profile,
When you dial my digits I won't gas your head,
If you don't want to be my lady, give me ass instead,
But the look in your eyes tells me your dying for enjoyment,
If you need a man, I'm applying for employment


See, sometimes it seems I'm up against the Rockefellers,
'Cause chicks are only jockin' fellas who got mozzarella,
Lots of fellas clocking loot, only want to knock the boots,
Shooting game at cute dames,
Treat them like they're prostitutes, but,
I'm not the usual suspect,
Disrespect to get some sex doesn't appeal to women,
My old man always told me keep it real with women,
That honesty's the best way to deal with women, so from,
The beginning I'm telling the truth,
And even when I'm mad at you I'm not yellin' at you,
I can't buy you Moschino 'cause I don't own a casino,
Me and you can do our thing on the incognito,
If you gotta man, hey, that's alright with me,
He don't gotta know you spent the night with me,
You got a right to be happy, let me pamper you,
I got the answer to your problems, romancing you, uh


See your man's out trickin' you don't know where he is,
Come on by my crib, Boo we can take care of biz,
We can keep it on the low like classified info,
I got enough loving to satisfy nymphos,
Pacify you slow with continuous sex,
Make-you-sweat-like-we-working-out strenuous sex,
Jumpin', these memories you can't replace those,
Your man's insensitive, but I can't relate though, wait though,
I won't provide your bashes blue,
But if you need a friend I can keep you laughing, Boo,
Crashing at your pad while we pass out puffing,
Wake up at dawn to get my ass out hustling,
Ain't you ready for a steady who's there when duty calls,
Ain't you sick of all these niggas who making booty calls,
You bad Boo, what you want me to do,
I'll be glad to grab you,
make your ex wish he still had you,

[Chorus x2]
[repeat to fade]

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