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The Juggaknots Lyrics

Sex Type Thang Lyrics
Check it out
To all you shorties acting fly
This goes out to you but check it out one time

It's like that
It's just a sex type thing

If you didn't know, my man Breezly Brewin is about to give you the raw deal

You know what I'm saying

Yo check it out one time uh

Heyo ya'll niggaz know the flavour
If you meet a honey dip who gave her numba
But you pickin up the vibe that she slumba
On the skills when you drills in the body of a hotty till she's sore
And then you gots to put an end to the snorin
She talkin 'bout, "I got snatch niggaz be fightin over (what?)
Like Helen of Troys I'm swellin the boys' jewels they drools
When they see me not a genie but you dream about me nuts you better"
To me that bitch, Sunshine, from Harlem Nights is soaked and wetter (hahaa)
"So tell me honey can ya hang
Or I'll blaze ye like Robin did to Eddy back in Boomerang
And let me tell ya Halle Barry couldn't save ya (nope)
I be's the mac mama m&m chocolate candy flavour"
My sales pitch never fails which brings the opportunity
To leave a honey swoonin see I said it like this
"I'm representin till the honey's call my name"
Then she wants to be the ol' ball and chain (How ironic!)
Ain't that somethin? I'm strictly smack her up and then I'm gone
It's just a sex thing f*ckin word is born then a honey starts
Buggin steady tuggin on my body like a care bear
I think ya best to break it down yo let me hear yall..

[Chorus x2]
When me and shorty got down everything was good lookin
Now she runnin 'round town talkin 'bout my wood's tookin
Everybody's yappin the whole neighborhood's cookin
I thought it was a sex type thing, the sex type

Why is it a honey act like she don't want to be bothered
But after the tappin she yappin like she want her children fathered
By the fellow I was try to tell a brother that they give they lover fits
In the end they singin old En Vogue hits (hahaha)
Like 'Don't Go' and 'Hold On' but yo I strolled on I'm ghost (what)
The pussy tried to play high post
Talkin shit about us sexin for the flexin of our ego
(Tell 'em how we break that puss down to size you know how we go)
In the act of pursuin the Brewin'll think hard
And once I'm all about your bod I want you callin out to God, check it
Cause the girls want to lift these honeys wishin
For a brother who be givin them the stiff competition
Love, I gets.. loose is.. ticklin your
Privates.. juices.. tricklin for.
Now never shit'll never be the same from that
When a honey can't front on the head to head combat
So if you actin like you doin me a favor
Now you know the flavour of that coochie whippin I'm above (true)
The sex is sorta nifty if you're workin 50/50
If not I will play shorties with the swifty

Talkin 'bout..

[Chorus x2]

Once you hit the G-Spot she act like Ce Ce Peniston
She trying to say that 'We Got a Love Thing'
When it's just a hit it from the kitchen sink
To the shower to the bedroom rug thing (Yeah guaranteed)
She's open, she better not be hopin that I blaze like Al Bundy
'Cause she's hornier than Peg (haha!)
Want the lovin on the rag 'cause I make her shake her leg
And get her bumblin the gibberish what a humblin experience
To Miss Golden Clit but now I'm goin to split
Maybe I should give some feeble dick a little slackin up
And be content to keep these silly girls from actin up
Talk about let's settle down after the contact
Maybe we oughta sign a 'bonin only!' contract
But until I get familiar with the law yo I think
I got some extra cab money in the top drawer (see ya!)
I know you're thinkin that it's foul the way I'm swingin
I'm waiting for some girl to change my tune but for now I'm singin:

[Chorus x2]

It's like that

And it don't stop
To all you shorties acting fly this is a sex type thing
If you didn't know, and now you know

Strictly a sex type thing

And you don't stop for 95 and 96

Breezly brewin and the juggaknots is strictly out for that sex type thing

If you didn't know, then now you know

Check it out

And we out

Check it

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