The Juggaknots - Clear Blue Skies Lyrics

The Juggaknots Lyrics

Clear Blue Skies Lyrics
[Verse One:]
[Buddy Slim]
Damn it, son
I think its time we had a little man-to-man talking
I heard that you was hand-in-hand
Walking down the boulevard, middle of the day
With this Black chick
Tell me the truth, boy, or you can catch this slap quick

[The Brewin]
Let me get this straight
You're ranting and raving
Behaving like a mad dog with rabies
Because my baby's not white; that ain't right
Pops, you got me puzzled
Because in the past with Black folks you never struggled
At least to my knowledge

[Buddy Slim]
Your knowledge seems to need a little working
That little nigger bitch got you looking like The Jerk
And I can't another minute of you and that Black heifer, son
Looking sorta like Tom Willis from the Jefferson Show

[The Brewin]
What you know about my girl to try and slander
Let me talk a bit and maybe you can understand
The situation that I got isn't ?messing with somebody?
Cause this woman's taking care of both my mind and my body

[Buddy Slim]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, OK
I understand that she's attractive
Cause their bodies are just built to be sexually active
Baby-making taking tax money for their welfare
Or maybe up on 42nd with the bodies that they sell there
So what's her name?
Is it Shanainai or Shaquana?
Son, she's got to be a goner

[The Brewin]
Well I'm glad to see my father's in my corner

[Buddy Slim]
Oh, you think this shit is funny?
I ain't joking
That's the last straw, the camel's back has been broken


[Verse Two:]
[The Brewin]
Well I'll be damned
Cause it seems that I'm the last to know
My father's a bigot
My girl's Black, he can't dig it
So she has to go

[Buddy Slim]
Now you're judging me, kid
But do you know me

[The Brewin]
But it seems to me that even David Duke could be your homey

[Buddy Slim]
Now you know I ain't no racist
But they place us in a terrible predicament
They're taking over the block
And, damn it son, I'm sick of it

[The Brewin]
But when you see the neighbors you say "Hi, how you doing"

[Buddy Slim]
Still I think of how the value of my property's been ruined

[The Brewin]
You sound like such an idiot
I pity it
I wonder, should I laugh or should I cry?
More than anything I want a reason why
All of a sudden, the blood in your vien flows with such vigor
Just because you choose to call another person "nigger"

[Buddy Slim]
Well they're just some thugs
Stealing, slum-dwelling, drug-dealing, gun-selling
And a hundred yard dashing after doing purse-snatching
Damn savages who ravages the buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken
With the first dibs on the ribs
Looking like a damn monkey on the football fields and basketball courts
Taking over sports
Leaving us just to golf and to tennis
And they menacing society, the bums
They should go the f*ck to where they came from

[The Brewin]
So that's your vision of perfection
That's your clear blue skies
Through those clear blue eyes
Which seem to make you think you're better
But instead of simply sinking to the level of your thinking
I'll be ghost

[Buddy Slim]
Pack your bags, nigger-lover, and good riddance


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