Juelz Santana - Wherever I Go Lyrics

Juelz Santana Lyrics

Wherever I Go Lyrics
[Intro: Juelz Santana]
Yeah Dip Set Juelz Santana (I'm liking this)
Jim Jones, Freekey, Killa

[Chorus: Razah + Juelz Santana]
[R] Wherever I go
[J] Dogg I'm in the hood screaming what's really good
[R] Wherever I go
[J] You already know, you already know
[R] Wherever I go
[J] We smoking the best here feeling you yes sir
[R] Wherever I go
[J] Things never change shit just stay the same

[Juelz Santana]
Now they screaming out you already know
How fast the coupe already goes when I step on the peddle
I shoot the every show with the chicken stiletos
I like that I'm just a kid from the ghetto
We I move the petty goes
In very town I touchdown in yep and puff down in
Wherever I go
Niggaz solute me your as truly santana the great oh
You should be ashamed and embarrased
How I came in the game got a name and established woh
And my pivit is posted if you niggaz is scheming
My niggaz will notice they will get you and blow it
Man I did I dun I got it f*ck it I admit it I stole it I'm that nigga I know it
So come get it and you think you can hold it
I don't think so nope I don't think so


[Jim Jones]
Its nobody gods I'm puffing marley ducking squaleys cars
Wherever I go
You know I stay fly float threw the sky smoke with my guys(westside k-town)
On the corner where cotchies died now lets go to n.y. and love it
But out on the west I don't step out of my vest unless doggs I'm about to have sex
Wherever I go
You know my wrist stay naughty
No bitch can afford me
I'm about girl I did it with wardy
And the places I go we making the dough
It's whips when we land there bitch we don't visit we got land there
So where frequent flyers we cheat on flyers so please be quite
Yeah Dip Set you already know


[Juelz Santana]
I'm so built for doing this here
Yeah I'm high I'm twisted on tilt still doing this here
Keep a thick chick with me
Taggin along fat ass and thong attached to my arm
I might grab it I might smack it tell her to tag it along mack and then we gone
You already know

[Jim Jones]
Wherever I go
You see the cop over behind him fronting rocking them diamonds
Glocking my lining till I spot me a diamond
Cause a bitch into f*cking
Talked her lips into sucking coughing up shit when I'm puffing
Man I'm talking like shit ain't nothing popping cooks of chris and I'm stunting
I plays the bar for the night
But shit I got to start me fight
I said excuse me doggs pardon these Nikes (and Ones nigga)


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