Juelz Santana - Supermodel Lyrics

Juelz Santana Lyrics

Supermodel Lyrics
Supermodel look at the way she's walking
Look at the way she moves
From the hands to her shoes
She's a supermodel
She poses when the camera flash
Freeze when she... I am into you

Go Cinderella
Do what you want to do
Supermodel swag you can tell what she come trough
Nigger feel like you can go ahead hand cuffin
Call it bubble nice pair of boots
See the cost that she... looking like the amber Rosa the shit
Baby girl... when she pose for the flip
... I'll make to come in a way quicker
I'm gonna find a way
I'm with New York nigger checks...


Look at the way she's dressed
She got it going on in the back and the front
Nice teeties nice but
Put... in a tank and I feel her...
She wanna be with a nigger let's get it
I talk with a nigger let's living it
Not talking to a nigger let's rip it
That's why I am the nigger let's getting it
... I am so gangsta...
She got a walk that will hurt the way
She got a body that will make you go to church on Sunday


She was a model 4 year and a half
Told her we can hit the... baby girl go ahead...
Ever since... oh you got to marry to keep it on the low know so
He will find out he will need to go
Spa... supermodel she sounds like evil bro
I got a busy schedule I'll catch you on a week ago
Saturday Sunday...


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