Juelz Santana - So Rude Lyrics

Juelz Santana Lyrics

So Rude Lyrics
[Juelz Santana:]
I am back
Like cooked crack muthaf*cka
I told you niggas
Killa, jim, I'm gonna be real f*ckin rude this time around too man
I'm poppin a whole lot of shit, it's on. I swear to god.
You know me real well too, juelz santana, dipset, BITCH
Yep, okay

[Juelz Santana:]
Face it, you are just a lame
Me I'm just the man when I spit this thang
You know a nigga better than me? you just insane
You either sniff cocaine or got shit for brains
You niggas stupid and straight wack
Gettin money from the labels thinkin that ain't got to be paid back
And I'm supposed to believe you? ha
Everything you got was for an even swap, so chump...
I'm the VP of the meanest plot, ever put together by the meanest boss (KILLA!)
We still coppin them birds, boy yes sir
Still flock with them birds and poinit our teks up
You watchin your words, you rock with them herds
You still watchin them nerds, poindexter
I lean and hit you with the meanest pistol
Doctors can't seem to stitch you, uh oh!
They say cam had a .22, and that was rude
Stupid, that's what assassins use
But nigga we like that, so get it- we right back
We gorillas you can't fight that, with a mice trap
And chump, you can't bite back with a light snap
This is war, this ain't an icepack for a light scratch
But when the mac tackle your block
All your hear is snap crackle and pop
Your back axle and drop
Your car is thick steel your heart is thick steel
No retaliation cause your partners ain't real
So just leave me alone, I'm in my sweet little zone
70 songs done, I'm bout to leave for the throne
I'm bout to overtake it, from all you dudes that's overrated and overmade it

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