Juelz Santana - Show U How 2 Get It Lyrics

Juelz Santana Lyrics

Show U How 2 Get It Lyrics
I'm late thinking how I'm gonna get it
A lot chicken thinking how I'm gonna win it
Couple hundred thinking how I'm gonna spend it
Should I get some clothes or should I get some grams?
Okay grams it is hit the block up I gotta handle this
It's too hot on this damn block
Too many cops on this damn block
I've been here since eight it's ten oclock
And I ain't moved a rock on this damn block
Let me go home and write a rhyme, damn
I can't come up with nothing I can't write a rhyme
F*ck it, let me call Keisha up
She a f*ck she a slut plus she be up
Called her once and a call failed
Called her twice and got a voicemail
Now I got, no pussy, no money and a burner on me
My thoughts ain't good, you heard me homie?
Now I'm playing with my safety on and off off and on
Playing with my safety!
I'm thinking about robbery honestly
And if it all goes well, maybe a robbing spree
N ah, that's a bullshit way to get it
F*ck it I'm on some bullshit they can get it
Niggas up the block got cake stash
Problem is I don't know where the cake at
I know where the place at
But I don't know where the safe at
Should I risk it?
Plus they got four niggas in there
Fully automatics there's no getting in there
Nah I need an easier link
I need to catch a nigger slippin while he sleep with his bitch
And if he stay sleepin it's the easiest link
If he wake up feed him the clip and keep going
Bottom line yup you never know what s on another niggas mind
So always keep your mind broke
Stay close to your pistol boy I suggest you stay close to your pistol boy
Stay close to your pistol boy...

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