Juelz Santana - One Day I Smile Lyrics

Juelz Santana Lyrics

One Day I Smile Lyrics
Now once again, a deep thought of Aaliyah
Crosses my mind, I rethought that I seen her, all in my mind
Memories of Big, all in the lime light, all of the time, all on his grind, right
I'm blacking out about 'Pac, blacking out on them cops
Middle finger, after blacking out from them shots
And I go visit Shyne, in my distant mind
I tell him stay up, cause in there it's a different grind
I see Eazy and Jam Master laughin'
Big L still rappin, like it never happened
I got a sick sense with me, God picked then sent me
To this earth place, to win in the first place
Visions of mommy, on an Island somewhere, yeah, I designed just for my mommy
My whole life is a blessing, that's why I'm so nice, so right
Approach mics with aggression
I got the type of obsession I would like to progress in
I write about me, and the life of my henchmen
I blow dice, roll twice to the deuce
That was nights, that was life on the stoop
This shit gotta change
Can't forget the hard white in the boot
White car stripped with the blue, narc parked right in the coup, damn
They riding around with a license to shoot
I'm riding around with no license and hoop, follow me now
Follow me down, this yellow brick road
187, hello, every ghettos zip code
I had to change my pace up, so I went left, while everybody went right
Had to switch the waste up, now I'm better off
Met Cam set it off, did the mix tape now look dip set is off
Put the bid in Def Jam bet it all
First writers refusal, Dame wouldn't let us off
So we matched it, we signed labels with Dashius
Cam goes platinum, the set is up next
A double album, we set for the best
Juelz is the test, which is me, fail or succeed
But still I'm here in the flesh, handing you breath
Mixed with a lot of thought, The Santana, Robb Report
I bring you more than just music I bring you me and all of my movement
I bring my whole life all in the booth shit
And I'm all in the booth with, the headphones on, the lights cut down
And all of this true shit

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