Juelz Santana - Mixin' Up The Medicine Lyrics

Juelz Santana Lyrics

Mixin' Up The Medicine Lyrics
I'm on the pavement
Thinking about the government
Santana in the basement
Mixing up the medicine

[Hook x2]
Mixing up the medicine
Mixing up the medicine
How I was the basement
Mixing up the medicine

I'm baaaaaaaack

(Santana where you been) I been mixing up the medicine
(The game look sick) well I'm delivering the medicine
I been in the lab like a chemist just developing
My potion now its potent time to hit em in the head again
Knock knock pow pow, Santana let him in
I got what you need bitch, tell a friend to tell a friend
Label me a hit, if a fiend need a fix or a bytch just need some good dick
I got the (medicine)
You boys dripping wack drops, yall should be mascots
Come and see the splash doc, Ill give you a swag shot
** what you hearing you should listen this is rap penicillin
Still in the kitchen (mixing up the medicine)
Young splash and I'm back in the building
Swagger on a hundred thousand trillion
Whatever he said, time that by gazillion
And thats only half how I been feeling, I been

[Hook x2]

Lights camera action, I'm feeling fantastic
Flyer than a pair of wings flapping, take my picture
You a freak, imma freak you going home, take me witcha
Ill look at ya baby picture but I wont have no baby witcha
Biker boy ya heard me, biker boy ya heard me
Im balling like the 80s I'm so James Worthy
Still making money off the white girl, Fergie
Not a New Boy so they know they cant jerk me
No limit how I get it, call me Pursey (Percy)
Miller, Imma killer no mercy
And I'm so dope you'd think Frank Lucas served me
So hot fire couldnt burn me, bitches wanna nurse me
Take her out and trick her out
I take her home and dick her down
Then send her back to you like baby I was at my sister house
Yall niggas remember me, I'm every rappers enemy
They know once I get the lead, theyll never get ahead of me

[Hook x2]

Swag on rooftops, Air ones, new glock
You wanna get loud, youll get blasted, boombox
Attitude like Tupac when Juice dropped
Still go to the dealer with the money in the shoebox
(gimme dat)
This wasnt posed to come out, this wasnt posed to come out
They let that new drug out, they let that new drug out
My niggas bout to dumb out, my ladies bout to bug out
And if her bop crazy imma take her to the nut house (pow)
You lames aint interesting, the games been missin this
The games full of sugar and I came with the insulin
Whatevers ur addiction, I got the prescription
I get it how I'm living and I'm loving every minute
You got that shit that just came out, that new new
I got the shit that aint come out, its too new
I'm so intriguing your girl to deceiving
I'm so exciting, your girl so conniving

[Hook x2]

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