Juelz Santana - Good Girls Lyrics

Juelz Santana Lyrics

Good Girls Lyrics
She wanna be with a G, like me, rockstar fresh nigga, still street, concrete, III. i give it to her

backseat, her jeep, cant see, cant peep, windows foggie. i bring the freak out of her make run

make her cum make it leak out of her(her). Halle Barry(who?), Nea Lord, Demi Moore Kim Boar i hit em all.

Take em through the hood let em hit the weed now she done with you and she settlin for mee.

Gansta Gansta she like that, Not you, wanna be like that you lamee. could it be the walk, could it

be the talk, could it be the way i let my pants sag off my ass. thats whats makin all the good girls water (water). haha

Good girls gotta get down with ganstas x 3

Im not for the walks in the park im for the lake night calls, humps in the dark, pumps in the

bump spull the rubber off and put the cum on her butt, YUK! Ayyee, plus she like the fact she

can feel safe with me, if she want she can set a nigga up for a safe with me, she like the fact i

live close to edge of the ledge, without fallin on the edge without fallin on my head ye dig, and ever night

they fallin in my bed im crawlin in they legs got em callin all they friends like girl you wont believe

what just happen to me, that G put me to sleep, Girl, i just woke up i just got up on my fee,t and

im still feelin week in my knees,Girl he toke the pistol and live free, i think you needa

Chorus Good Girls x3

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