Juelz Santana - Forever Harlem Lyrics

Juelz Santana Lyrics

Forever Harlem Lyrics
Harlem breed niggas who ball
So understand it wasn't a choice for me
And I ain't never stoppin at all
I rep Harlem forever man, ever man, ever man
From Jewelry on down to the car
It's all about catchin a stunt for me
They hate the way I pull up and floss
I rap this shit forever man ever man...

[Juelz Santana:]
First name Forever last name Harlem
Roca park flow, let em' know don't guard em'
How could you compare those mothaf*ckin' weirdos
To a nigga like me when they swaggas on zero
Here I come to save the day, super hero,
Pocket on casino, Robert DeNiro,
In my town, niggas slinging pounds, kilo's
Cars paid in full, so they never get repoed,
Niggas throwing dice against the wall, CeeLo,
This is my movie, you an extra, B-role,
Your girl insist I got a very big... Ego
I'm here to take the game from these lames, Deebo,
And I got chips, cheese, dorito's,
And I get in your ass, no homo, speedo's,
Bitches like me cause they really think I'm cute to them,
Bitches like you cause of the things you could do to them,
Bitches like me because I f*ck em till the cum,
And bitches like you because your money make em cummm,

Forgot it, ain't tricking if you got it,
But guess what bitch I ain't tricking and I got it,
But you could hit the strip and we could start splitting the profit,
Got it,
Difference between me and them guys,
They get fly, I am fly,

Harlems in me,
Harlems in me,
Harlems in me,

[Jim Jones:]
Family's headed up town
All white uptowns
If I had to change my last name they could call me Mr Uptown
Fords just dropped so you know we get the Pelle's
Take the fly girls to Juelz to the tele's
I'm a vampire, True Blood like Sookie (suu woo),
Know niggas that die for this shit Tookie,
Niggas be acting like bitches pussy
So we turn the whole situation ugly whoopee,
I be on 15's nini b with me
Don't care if you blind you can see we be drippy (bling)
Haunted by Harlem
Dreams so richie and you know we keep the fix if the fiends get itchy
Itchy, please get with me
Got niggas in Queens you can even ask 50,
The credit scammer's the heavy gamblers,
And my young niggas walk around with heavy blammers
Damn, I'm fly


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