Judah Man - Loud Mouf Lyrics

Judah Man Lyrics

Loud Mouf Lyrics
(feat. Future, L.G. Wise)

[Verse One: Judah Man]
[Twista] Twista's got it all, Twista had a chance but he miss it {?}
[Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz] Ballin' but you fallin', miss your blessing, Hell is callin'
[Joe Buddens] Spittin' fifty words a second, yeah yo' father, you impressin'
[Master P] But my Lord you disrespectin', man it's Twista he rejectin'
[Lil' Romeo] Rule, Murder INC. is over, 50 Cent, see right through ya
[Lil' Bow Wow] Not accepted by your own, watch the whole, heaven BOO YA
[Nick Cannon] In a rock, and a hard place, fools y'all ain't learned from Ma$e?!
[Trick Daddy] Cause you on that paper chase, that's why we're here to take yo' place
[Murphy Lee] Murphy Lee, don't compare to me, Skool Boy, ya taught from me!
[Nelly, St. Lunatics] Jesus hung up on the tree, Hell's flames are choice-free
[Youngbloodz] Keep on livin' like you livin', you gon' burn wit' Nel-ly
[Ali] Suge, Snoop, Ludacris, they gon' be yo' cel-ly
[Ying Yang Twinz] For the cheese, (nigga) PLEASE! Musta caught a felony
[Ludacris] Disobeyin' authority, but you snakes ain't feelin' me?!
[Jermaine Dupri, Busta] Future gotta spit, we gon' scoot you out the game
[Eminem, Cam'Ron] Sick n' tired of all the garbage, so we callin' you by name!

[Chorus: Judah Man]
Loud mouf cats, and wylded-out cats
They talk about this, and they rap about that
They ain't sayin' JACK, they tongues need SMACKED
Gifted but they wack, spittin' garbage over tracks
Loud mouf cats, and foul-mouthed cats
They talk about this, and they rap about that
They ain't sayin' JACK, they tongues need SMACKED
Gifted but they wack, spittin' garbage over tracks

[Verse Two: Future]
Hold it, hold it, lemme take it down a notch...Let's go, uh!
[Damon Dash] I don't know what told Eminem that him and 'em was hot, fact was they not, UH!
[Freeway] Matta of fact, they sound feminine, I'm lendin' them a word they should pro'ly stop
[Memp Bleek] Spittin' this mud overa track and that's whack, probably never shot a gun in the life
[P. Diddy] But they got pools they be swimmin' in, makin' mill-ions, but they rap about crack?
That ain't right, yo' bars don't match - that ain't tight
[Da Band] Yo' flows too dark - that ain't light..
[Fabolous] And God gave us this gift to show 'em how to live,
Those are death bars - that ain't life
[Young Gunz] Y'all dudes is trife, I take you Skool Boys to class and take you up, at the chalkboard
[Jay-Z] And show you to WRITE it right, reCITE it tight
'til you get it right, 'til you spit it tight
[Foxy, 50 Cent] And we ain't leavin' 'til you get it right, and I figure this could be all night
[G-Unit] And least un-til I feel like what you spittin' is tight, make sure all your bars is tight...
[Terror Squad, Dr. Dre] Talkin' the tape 5-0 Busta Rhymes fed, Joe Dawg and Nelly Nel
[Mystikal, Baby] And whatforelse, you betta tighten them bars up before you end up in Hell! (Come wit me)
[Mannie Fresh] Future true to the rhymes, spittin' like tight gears
[Clipse] I'm talkin to the artists that spittin' that right there, where?
[Neptunes] Yeah-ye-ye-yeah, that "Right There"
[Lox] Don't make me come down and recite that right there
[Loon] Lil' drummer boy, Nick Cannonball, we ain't a FAN of y'all
[Jadakiss] Keep yo' cannon, dawg!
[Styles P.] Y'all bars is BOGUS, dawg, we so FOCUS
[Sheek, Drag-On] And we 'bout tired of y'all, all y'all!

[Verse Three: L.G. Wise]
Judah, can I get it crunk? Future, can I get it crunk?
Wise gonna get it crunk, 'cause I know that's whatchu WANT
Yo I'm talkin' to you cats, like that +Bone+ to +crush+
As you wasn't +really scared+, why you makin' a fuss?
Take the "c-r" off and you sound like "Usher"
I'm like David, you Goliath, don't makin' me rush ya
Yo, a lot of y'all cats ain't diggin' my flooow
Don't stop, pretty soon you'll see the gold in my flooow
And if you can't really see, then you gotta be BLIND
'cause I inhale, Lord God'll make a shine in my rhyme
Gotta whole lotta reasons just to doubt you dudes
You look like {?} but you ?gotten no clues?
Pretty soon, they gonna find ya like the did Saddam!
So ring, ring, ring, Ring the Alarm
[Lil' Kim] While you smokin' that bomb, they got a tear to yo' wand
[Beanie Sigel] Yo cats, think your hot but you're really wrong
[Fat Joe] We gon' catch ya while you sippin' on that Belvedere
[Nick Cannon] While ya lookin' like Puff on that Velvedere
[Killer Mike] We gon' take ya there, y'all be {?} and scared, New Artistses of the Year
[Eve] Lemme make it clear, y'all need to fear, Nu Breed's up in ya rear-a
[Missy Elliott] Take a lil' time, lemme spin this situation
[Timbaland] Please have a seat while I tell you what you're facin'
[N.O.R.E.] Don't smirk while I'm goin' over your case
[Mobb Deep] Call my Bible like a Tec when I whip it in ya face
[Nas] Can't treat it like a first offense
[Wyclef] Like I told ya before that you need to repent
[DMX] Yo dawg, all the mils that you wanna vent
[Snoop Dogg] Y'all Loud Mouf cats don't make no sense
[Lloyd Banks] Yo I see how you cats really on it dawg
Young [?] don't want it dawg..
[Buck] Confess J-U-es-yes-u-s
[Kanye West] Before them Hell's flame slugs rip your chest..
[Just Blaze] That's it y'all...Judah Man
[Sean Paul...and the rest of y'all!] Wise...Future, baby...C'MON
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