Jt The Bigga Figga - Millionaire Pirates Lyrics

Jt The Bigga Figga Lyrics

Millionaire Pirates Lyrics
(feat. Get Low Players)

[San Quinn]
First of all we were the first to ball
yeah it hurts to fall but we still stand tall
Memph Bleek you bullshittin claimin Get Low
we hit the Marcy projects and make you really get low
like you been from Fillmoe for 10 years plus
acting like you never seen or heard from us
spit ferocious pop are collar the hardest explosive
put out are on tapes and you bitch niggaz know it
ran with that Memph tell me what you handed back
matter of fact keep your hand out we bout to handle that
this Fillmoe man
unless I was breaded wit millions I wouldn't sport your chain
you studied our hustle tried to cut us out
from L.A. to new York even deep down south
much love to the mid cause they love the bay
like my niggaz on the block they love the game

Millionaires peep our game
They like take it and run wit it but we still loving it
Millionaires peep our game
They like take it and run wit it but we still loving it
Millionaires peep our game
They like take it and run wit it but we still loving it (yeah)
But we still loving it (Nigga)
But we still loving it

You niggaz better not toy wit me
me and my niggaz we utilize loyalty
you be assed out
Shittin blood claiming you thug faced out in the mud and playa you be
choking on your blood
I'm from where we sending shit hissing passed your head
had them niggaz on your corner block wishing you were dead
and you know whats killing me
the same niggaz Paul barnin you was part of the conspiracy
you should of known we born dying
you lose your frivolous life in the game trying to save private ryan
the things get the ejected and flying
well disrespecting this game and being defiant
and lacking the skills and not applying
you niggaz love counting the ones
miscellaneously busting your guns
getting put in the chalk
acting like you move the ball like Marshall Faulk


[JT the Bigga Figga]
Picture that tryna run wit the stack
we count cracks in fact
we out back where the mountains packed
its all sweet when you stuck in the street
so memph bleek how the f*ck did you peep out my rap chemistry
yours raps are all fables
fairy tales can't save you
verse for verse you know figga roll we blaze you
the flow we amaze you
dogs relaxing all that game you stole say you saw for that
get your niggaz double crossed for that
got cha homies claimin the low
but really its bigger than that rap
always talking how your busting your gat
I'm from the city with most unsolved bullet holes on the wall
through the streets all the homies on call
wanna ride to jump
or behind the penitentiary walls
through my family be reppin the low
from the dpg to utp we thuggin fo sho

[Chorus x2]

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