Jt The Bigga Figga - Know About It Lyrics

Jt The Bigga Figga Lyrics

Know About It Lyrics
(feat. The Gamblaz)

[JT Tha Bigga Figga talking]
Yeah, yeah West Coast Bad Boyz part 3 nigga, part 3 nigga
JT Tha Bigga Figga, Tha Gamblaz yeah
Doing it for my nigga Master P one more gin, uh
You better know about it, uh uh uh uh
We don't talk, we don't talk, we don't talk, uh uh
You better know about it, uh uh

[JT Tha Bigga Figga]
You better know about that 4-5-7 we make it happen
Strangle industry niggas by they feet with verbal rapping
I'm a California kingpin a west coast bad boy
Chop it up in pyrex pots, cook the last four
Weighing it out, keep my name out your mouth
We came in your house, and all we want's them thangs in your couch
We keep the privates confidential, face masked potential
Laced with that infra sharp as number two pencils
Linked like a two way pager my niggas major
Play for the Lakers, the Sonics and the Portland Trailblazers
Sitting at the stoplight, my dubs still spinning
Candy coated cadillac rovers we still in em
I'm an independent tycoon, living up in the mic room
64 tracks in intact, it make you bite you
On a for reala got you going blood finnas
Now we tearing down your project buildings like godzilla

[Chorus: Tha Gamblaz]
You better know about it, and how to go about it
If it ain't real it's fake and we don't flow about it
It's time for the truth so buckle up and grab a seat
And get the facts from these real life VIP's
You better know about it, and how to go about it
If it ain't real it's fake and we don't flow about it
Get ready the clock is ticking we can't waste time
Here in California westcoast 4-1-5

[Telly Mac]
Yo it's Telly Mac the general rapping for politics
And them niggas that be hating get split with hollow tips
Trying to come against collosso-click, bitch you could swallow dick
We on some trench coat mafia shit
My boys equal to bricks just ask the dopeman
Like bitches on the mic I spit tight to slow jams
I'm the ghetto spokesman, but ain't that Hova
This Telly Mac about to snap and take the game over
Eliminating you imitating cats, when I'm demonstrating acts
Putting cracks in all 48 tracks
I'm sickened to my scratch like bullets and straps
I battle for contracts in combat
Spit a bomb rap on contact, I'm bomb back and blow shit
Bring your whole click I take no shit, I'm dump like four zips
And plus I'm out the four chips
Representing Frisco to get low west coast bitch


If you don't know about Tha Gamblaz, you don't know shit
We catch us now on top and still flaming the shit
We gone minus rule the world entire
Battling with us is like losing your luck, your life expired
We don't rest in the west we make moves
We bad boys with plenty of noise and we voicing the truth
You like the way we pop collars, establishing the empire
Us some real riders, can't shit divide us
I'm on fire like when Kobe acting 3-point popping a J
Before you speak nigga honor my name
You get hit from the flock of the flame
I'm rich like em copping caine from Filmore was born to ways
The home of the sheisty, renegades hundreds and these
You like the shit we spit on part two but this is three
I want the whole world to know about me, until I'm gone
I'ma carry on for T-Bo, R.I.P. you better know


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