Jt The Bigga Figga - It's Going Down Lyrics

Jt The Bigga Figga Lyrics

It's Going Down Lyrics
Well, what do ya know, I'm ready to flow to tell a storie, the caper
About the time I tried to get tha paper, ya feel me
1989 in the cut, on the grind
Cause I'm fresh outta school wit my nickel-plated 9
I hit a cut or two, from the T the A the S the K, ya see
Me up they beat up, players on the street up
Creepin' in jack mode, smooth we hit the back row
4-deep in a astro van ready to tax those
Unexpected players on the boulevard
14 years old, rocks in a stolen car
And I thought I had it going on
But my momma always told me it wouldn't last to long
A hard head make a soft ass
Wit a pocket full of rocks and a sock full of dirty cash
It's like I trip down a one-way street
Wit nowhere to turn and hard knocks to meet
A young G about the situation
Take the good wit the bad as I turn another page and
Set it up going pound for pound
Cause I knew one day, man, that the game was going down

You know it's going down, man
Cause I knew one day that the players will get paid
One my way to the T.O.P.
Wit the rest of the players from the GLP
It's going down

Can't cope wit the streetlife

Two years done passed and two homies done lost they life
And now I grew a few inches taller
No more dreams of being a big time baller
No more cracks sacks, coke and knife straps
Thinking about the Get Low, man and the G stacks
Kicking facts when I'm in your town
Cause I'm lettin' it be known man, that the game is going down


Representing to the fullest I can pull this shit completely
You can't meet me toe-to-toe, at these hits I got the gift, G
Foul from the start, so I'm sick wit my stidnyle
Take it from me, I'm just a G about my paper
Turnin' show out, I rose out I got much clout
So bust a shot when I flow, coming through the door
I let ya know I'm just a player representing Get Low
I thought you knew me, you cannot do me, you ain't no player, punk
Trippin' up off that shit, man, that bombed out Cali stomp
Funk wit the cleverness I can settle this
It be a destiny it has to be smooth like a masterpiece
Ya hit tha track quickly to get ya money on
So I hit the Labb, to make this shit gone
Settin' it up, player, when I'm in your town
Cause I'm lettin' it be known, man, that the game is going down

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