Jt The Bigga Figga - Beware Of Those Lyrics

Jt The Bigga Figga Lyrics

Beware Of Those Lyrics
(feat. Celly Cel, E-40)

Hey, JT, you know what playboy, it's like this duke
The niggas from your town right, they ain't
You know it's gone be some motherf*ckers
That's gone hate tha shit out of you ass, you dig
[JT The Bigga Figga]
Yeah, that's right
I mean they gone hate the shit out your ass
Then it's gone be some niggas that's gone love the shit out of your ass
You dig
I mean, you know, playa haters come in all shapes and sizes
[JT The Bigga Figga]
All shapes and sizes
But then again, it's some good motherf*ckers that's got your back
[JT The Bigga Figga]
That's right, that's real though
You dig, and the real motherf*ckers they there for ya
[JT The Bigga Figga]
Huh uh, One Love
We gone sprinkle 'em on this other thang

[Celly Cel]
Beware of those faulty ass mark ass niggas snakin' in tha grass
Tryin' to take your cash cause you bubbled up to fast, the last
Nigga that tried to go against the grain, I made him feel me, mane
Cocked the glock, put on in the chamber then I aimed
For his dome and split him like a Garcia
Vega down the middle, jumped in my car, see ya
Itchy trigger finger dumpin' on them dont-knows
Janky ass motherf*ckers, mane, beware of those
[JT The Bigga Figga]
We drop bombs wit stocks and bonds and make it rappable
Financial status increasing cause everyday it's capital
But more than likely, they sure ain't real because they plastic
No money in they pockets but G-notes worth of assets
I reach out then drop check watch and get my proppers
We kicks it wit killers who hate cops and pack they choppers
So when you see me it ain't nou need for perpetratin'
Stay the f*ck up out my face because I know you playa hatin' me
Yeah, I still be my young Frisco city comrade
Makin' these niggas midnabb.
Postin' up in tha lidnabb
Pilin' up that cidnash
Champagne wishes, pussy fallin' up out the pockets
Thick ass ... surrounded by docters, chocolate ...
The niggas that you be thinkin' that's always out to getcha
Ain't always tryin' out to getcha
Sometimes them real niggas that be witcha that's out to getcha
That's why me keeps my tossed pistolas on the side of me waist-a
Just in case these cape crusaders wanna erase me

Hey, like I was saying look he, JT
Yuo from Frisco, we from the V right
We from the labb, we networking, this is what we do
And if you ain't got tha recipe
Don't be mad if they ain't checkin' for ya
[JT The Bigga Figga]
That's real!

[Celly Cell]
I see you sittin' on them thangs and bending the block
You better be sittin' on a glock or you'll be riding stock
The jackers see them niggas clown, just like I see them niggas
But don't be slippin' when you see me, I might be them niggas
With the choppers yellin' get out the car nigga
Hit the gas and watch me blast you ain't gone get to far nigga
Don't trust nobody cause your closest friends will turn to foes
It's double agence in this game, I know you feel me though
You wanna take your potnas win, from me tell my why
Man y'all was potnas tryin' together nigga knee-high
How's the f*ck you just gone transport my ... wear
Over some he say she say shit man dude you out there
[JT The Bigga Figga]
Approaching my status feeling flavor never saving hoes
Breakin' doors try to trickin' some niggas in candy painted vogues
Marinatin' wit my boys from the V
We gets our paper stacks our chips and than we strike on z's
We wraps our ki's tight to keeps our G's right
Gotta get that money so we can be upon the next flight
Not a dab but a smidgen play my game on precision
We dropped the bomb that'll make things come
Then they fly like some pigeons
It's goin' down, but ain't no need for extra talkin'
How many straps up in the house, you best to get to walkin'
Cause in the '95 these niggas go for broke
Get up off that kamikaze in you face and end of smoke
Beware of those

Hey, this is my philosophy right here
I feel it's enough cornbread out here for everbody

You know what I'm saying, I mean just think about it
I'm mean we, it's a gang of motherf*ckers out there
And we tryin' to change this shit, this the new dope game
We gone all get up in this rap shit
And get our coins ridnow as we speak, get them tokens you dig?
[JT The Bigga Figga]
Tokens, yeah
You know, we networking like I say
Cel, what's happening wit you playboy we, you dig
You laid that serious shit down
And you came from the heart
We all came from the heart and this is what we did
And you know, f*ck it you know we
I'm in this motherf*cker and you know how I do
I'm off some motherf*ckin' shit
Urkin' jerk wit some motherf*ckin' snapple
This 40-water, you know, like that
This is what we do

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