JT Money - That's How I Feel Lyrics

JT Money Lyrics

That's How I Feel Lyrics
[JT:] Yo, bring me some cuts in (scratches) ... blast a final round ...
one punch and they're down ... don't be sweatin' me like no bloodhound
... know I'm sayin'? For yo' ass can't be found, know I'm sayin'? Doin'
it like dat! Peep game.

[Verse 1: JT Money]
Well here I come, watch the way I rip on the dope tip
That suckas cannot cope wit, they get they f*ckin' throat slit
Oh shit! It's that nigga JT,
Rippin' shit with my nigga L-U-K-E
In the new, 'cause I rule like a motherf*cker
Don't give a f*ck, plus I'm down to start (?), sucka!
Now if you're comin' with the same ol',
Snatch your heart out your chest like that nigga named Kane-O
I'm all around that, 'cause I'm that nigga,
That'll f*ck you up like a gallon of liquor
Put the f*ck-shit up in the 9-4
Always f*ckin' fine hoes and chargin' like rhinos
So niggas please don't test this
'Cause if you test this, that must mean you got a death wish
Oh yes, it's, me and Capt' Dick,
Suckas can't see or hang with this rap shit!
And you know you can't follow this
Try to swallow this, and yo' punk ass will catch a hollow tip
In the lip, so you niggas better chill
With the ill, 'cause that's just how a nigga feel, word!!

(Step up, what up?)
(That's how I feel!)

[Verse 2: JT Money]
F*ck-niggas who try to diss get a fist in they mouthpiece
I represent the South-East, niggas know about these
Skills that I rip on a regular
Put yourself ass crop ahead with my cellular telephone
And it's on like that with the glocks
You'd think I was Luke the way I make you f*ck-niggas hot
So don't stop, get it, get it, plus I'm wit it
And if you think you want some, well nigga, come and get it
'Cause my shit is just too dope,
Three dope, four dope, niggas know I'm no joke
Capt. Dick told me to drop some rough shit
Throw up your set and I bet you'll get dust quick
Y'all motherf*ckers know me
If I was out West, nigga, I'd be claimin' OG
So don't front on the skills
It's like that, motherf*cker, that's just how a nigga feel, word!

(Step up, what up?)
(That's how I feel!)

[Outro: Luke]
See, f*ck-niggas, we feel a certain kind of way down here, certain kind of
way that y'all niggas might not understand, y'know? Personally, we feel
like y'all niggas f*ck-niggas! That's how we really feel. Me and JT Money,
the rest of the group, we feel that way, to tell y'all niggas somethin'. You
could be a hoe-ass nigga, you could be a bitch-ass nigga, you could be a
nigga that suck our dicks, if you wanna be that nigga. Don't get scared,
f*ck-nigga. 'Cause we gots no love for you, nigga, we gots NO love for yo'
bitch, nigga, we gots NO love for yo' friend, nigga - real niggas down here.
Yo, JT Money, yours truly - F*CK y'all hoe-ass niggas.

(Step up, what up?)
(That's how I feel!)
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