JT Money - Run Da Yard Lyrics

JT Money Lyrics

Run Da Yard Lyrics
I used to be a nigga every day out on da block socks full of rocks dogging da muthaf*ckin cops now I was just a JIT but I was down wit da set used da have da fattest shit so dem basers used ta sweat I got my first bomb from my sister boyfriend I was only eighteen I had ta get da minutes gave me a five-hundred dollar bomb ta start my shit off shit was slow at first but I never took a lost now outa dat five-hundred I gave dat nigga three fifty only made a be ifty yeah dat nigga tried ta pimp but I was just a shawty dat was new ta da game but I was true to da game yep I can do the same so I took my be ifty and bought a ball and a half came back round da way wit a pocket full of slabs dem five dollar bricks all dem basers on ma dick tellin dey friends ta buy from me cause my shit was legit ans thick think im just kickin it nigga what dis shit is true niggas couldn't make no money till my whole bomb was through I quit goin ta school cause dat shit didn't mix rather hang out on da cut Makin money slangin bricks shit was getin so I invested ina four fifth case niggas wanted ta rip sure ta leave em stiff and just like I thought niggas tried ta lay it down but I had dat four pound laid dat ass on da ground so I guess da beef was on dem niggas know im wit it spot was gettin hot but a nigga had ta geta it no bullshit permitted
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