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Father To Son Lyrics
[JT Money]
What up G'yea
Father to son, know what it is

What up son, how you feelin'?
It won't be long before I return in God's willin'
But in the mean time, do everything grandma tell ya
Follow her words, and I promise you they won't fail ya
Just be strong and take care of your little sister (...boiiy)
Tell her that I love her and that daddy miss her
You know I love you two, just keep doin' good in school
And remember bein' bad, boy, don't make you cool
Might make a fool of yourself, or you'll end up like me
Incarserated and I know you will be s and b
We should be free, my son, you know I wouldn't lie to you
So make the garden, and these hoes don't apply to you
Ya heard me boy?
You gotta dedicate your life to God
Cause he's the one who blessed you from the start and made you smart
I know you smart, that's why I write you this type of letter
But I shouldn't worry too much because we raised you better
Me and my momma, and I know that you gonna represent
And thank you for the letters and the pensions that you sent
You made me happy, I was blessed with you when I was young
And we gonna grow up together, father and son, father and son

[JT Hook]
Nobody seperate us that's a fact
I'm never goin' back to the projects, the black man just stay largest
Down in the hoosy-a-way
It hurt my heart to think that you could end up that way, so I pray

It hurts me father, seein' your mi-nd can falter
We must be faltered, ‘cause we pray, here it go-es

When I get out it's gonna be us, see?
Me, you, and G'jay& Jess, outta the family
At DZ, or wherever else y'all wanna go
I promise y'all, they won't seperate us no more, not in this life time
Ya know y'all mean the world to me, and nothin' more presious than my boys
and girl to me
Not even me, so when your wrong, I'm correctin' you
Cause if I don't, It's as good as negletin' you
Now this the truth, see I only want what's best for you
And if there's somethin' you can't do, I won't think less of you
Just try your best, I can see you got my ways in you
But I don't want you goin' through the same things I went through
See I was wild, even when I didn't have to be
That's why you always see them people comin' after me
But not no more, you see this change here had to come
I couldn't pasursize livin' down to my son...not to my son

[JT Hook x2]

[Chorus x2]

Boy, I just love spendin' time with you (that's right)
When you get older, I might even bust rhymes with you, if you want to
You know, you always make me proud of you (that's right)
No matter what the situation I'll go out with you
But I don't want you, to think that goin' to jail's cool
Just cause I didn't, boy you still gotta finish school, don't be no fool
See I went back and got mine, so if there's somethin' I wanna do, they can't
stop mine
You know what I'm talkin' about, the people who make up excuses
Besides entertainment, labour sports, they think we're useless
But see the truth is in the good and when they puttin', whip on ya ass
When you get that money fast, you spend that money fast, boy
Everything you think you wanna do, I finally done it
See when I'm gone, everything I own, you gonna want it
And if you decide to settle down with a woman, make sure ya know her
It's cool to love someone, but don't be a sucker for her

[JT Hook x2]

[Chorus x2 to fade]
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