J.R. Swinga - Chocolate City Lyrics

J.R. Swinga Lyrics

Chocolate City Lyrics
[J.R. Swinga]
Baby let me tell you what I feel for you
I really do desire to be real with you
The vibes are kinda live so let me set you straight
that we could swing the ep in the chocolate state
If you think I'm the man baby take my hand
We'll step through the set cause the scene is grand
And everywhere you go you see nothin but darkness
nothin but blackness, nothin but chocolate
And in four years we'll be gone
tryin to move on, but who's in a rush?
The world is a fuss when you get to the gritty
So let's enjoy our lives - in the Chocolate City


Baby we could swing it now (2X)
In the Chocolate City
Baby we could swing it now
We can swing it, nowwwwwww

[J.R. Swinga]
I think I'll pick you up around twelve at noon
once I get my frat brothers out the room
Clean up the cards, throw away the cans
and now I'm just chillin in my b-boy stance
Sit on the windowsill and watch the sista step
Brothers stand around tryin to build they rep
But I forget my ills when I chill with you
My debts just turn into a bill or two
I'm workin mad jobs tryin to pay my fees
with nothin to eat, but some government cheese
I know that you're aware but you say, "I don't care"
You even help me out, with my book fare
And we be bummin rides everywhere we go
As long as we're together yo that's how we flow
It's hard to be alone when the world is against me
But we can survive, right? In the Chocolate City

Chorus w/ variations

[J.R. Swinga]
To all the K's, and all the Q's
We could swing it now
To A-Phi-A's, and the Kappa-Lambda-Nu's
Baby, we could swing it now
To all y'all brothers tryin to get the check
We could swing it now
To all y'all sisters tryin to gain respect
We could swing it, nowwwwww
in the Chocolate City..
in the Chocolate City..

Chorus w/ variations

[J.R. Swinga]
Yeah this one goes out to my man Rollo
And the whole A-Phi-A posse
His boy Sho-Sho, yeah
Shorty Kool V, Fam-U posse, Upton posse
My boys in New York, Randy Ran, Shelly Shell
Cop Black, King Hercules, Bantu Nation
Yeah we can swing this
in the Chocolate City
Keep up your grades

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