J Rawls - Pleasure Before Pain Lyrics

J Rawls Lyrics

Pleasure Before Pain Lyrics
(feat. Eric Roberson)

There was pleasure then pain
All that remains is the bad and the sad
Cause there's so much we had
Besides all the tears
Squashed away years
I long for the days
The comfort
It never stays
I hold onto memories
But I try to hold onto you
Said I wanna hold on to you
I'm tryin to hold on to you
Baby girl just you
Yes yes just you

[Verse 1:]
Don't know where we went wrong
(We went wrong)
Was good when we started
Then things got retarded
Left us broken hearted
Did we carry on too long
Said we started as lovers
So good under covers girl
Did we keep love above us girl
Now even when you're near
(When you're near)
I keep fellin resistance
Like your heart is a distance
A way when we couldn't stand to be away too long
Too long
Too long
Too long for these embraces provided
Oh how I hate how we hide it
I sit here and desire it now
More and more


[Verse 2:]
Can we give it one more try?
One more try
Revisit the moments
When your thoughts were the warmest
If I had it back I would hold you so dear to me yeah
Dear to me
Realize I was lacking all the time and respect
That is
So essential to have us here
So let's place these memories away
Memories away
Let's work on the future
Take a peace that will suit your needs
Every step is a mood to please
Ohh I just want to love you the right way
Give you all that you're asking
New levels of passion
Let the past be the past
And just enjoy what you have


[Verse 3:]
The words that you heard
Ain't just for your ear
They're aiming at your heart
To push fear to the rear
I'm looking for the love that used to be there
It was so special
So special
That's why I be focused if trouble begins
First and foremost you are my best friend
And I am for real, no need to pretend
Let's be careful, careful
Careful, so careful
Ohoh ohohohohhhh

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