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Jozeemo Lyrics

Who We Are Lyrics
(feat. Joe Scudda)

[Chorus x2: Joe Scudda (Jozeemo)]
I'm from R baby, Raleigh
H.O.J., Joe Scudda, you know who we are baby
(I'm from the D homie, East Durham)
(L.O.V., Jozeemo, yeah that's me homie)

Blue Devils, new bezzles in crude metal
Durham niggas gunplay at a new level
City of medicine, pharmacy grade
Cocaina and heroine make the llamas get sprayed
It's an everyday thing to see the running the bulls
The gangbangers flag up and get to running in schools
South side be the red dragon, east be the deep blue
The west ended cannibals, them niggas got to eat too
Up north is blood sport but don't get it twisted
The Chevys ride clean and twenty-sixes got 'em lifted
The strip club, no it's a C.O.D. orgy
The cabaret royale treat Jozee' like royalty
Scudda reassure me, why do I live here?
(You love that Bull City bullshit) Get this clear
I rep the Dirty, it's my way or no way
And Raleigh got my back bitch, listen to what Joe say

[Chorus x2]

[Joe Scudda:]
I'm from the cap' city where you can act gritty
And my Raleigh wolves will leave your ass smacked silly
Home of the liquor house, bootleg liquor spots
Get your card game, get your dollar liquor shots
Out of towners come to school down here for a year
End up acting a fool down here
Catch a case thinking this shit is cool down here
Get replaced with the next cat that moved down here
Move 'em in, move 'em out, this the city Biggie talked about
Saying "licks went for twenties down South"
Come down here, get you a spouse
Around a hundred Gs will get you a house, got you some land
Raleigh Durham I swear, everybody got fam
If we can't do what we want then we do what we can
You can't do shit for five, we can do it in grand
I love my city so my city's tattooed next to my hand, c'mon

[Chorus x2]
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