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Jozeemo Lyrics

Feelings Lyrics
I bet you niggas ain't know East Durham was down with the Hall of Justus
I know you haters don't like that shit
Your boy Jozeemo! Khrysis, let's get this bitch popping

Yeah, I've been gone for a minute but I'm back again
I got the hundred round drum for the MAC again
Don't get shook now cause Jozeemo's back in the building
I spit bars that turn old folks back into children
I'm a little more cocky, lost a few pounds
So I'm a little less stocky, hoes still gon' jock me
And the pound still sloppy, it'll mess up your shirt
It ain't nothing for the wrestler to work, you f*cking jerk
Jo' Murder in the house, tell your mama I'm home
And while she swallow the bone, you can swallow the chrome
If I see your little sister I'm a follow her home
Make her give a nigga the ass, then followed by dome
This here's for y'all bitches, I ain't talking bout chicks
I'm talking bout lame niggas with pussies instead of dicks
Yeah you nigga, Jozee' will bring it to your clique
If you still looking, holler at Kodak and take a flick

Me and you ain't finna have no dealings nigga
F*ck you from the flo' to the ceiling nigga
I'm better than most of y'all, that's the realest nigga
Shit, I had to get up in your feelings nigga
What you mad for? You got him in his feelings Jo'
Why you crying bitch? You got him in his feelings Jo'
Where's all that tough talk? You got him in his feelings Jo'
Click, clack, baby he don't need to feel no mo'

Uh, it's Joziggy and no niggy can flow with me
Been rolling with +guerrilla units+ before +50+
F*ck bitches in their mouth leaving their throats sticky
Every time I leave the house I'm bringing the toast with me
Now I'm digging, you lock down blocks, I control cities
Bullets will leave you with a passion mark but it's no hicky
Flow sticky and massacre tracks like a know Biggie
You like "He ain't say what I think he just said did he? "
Yeah, the big gunner is back
Right hand on the trigger, finger f*cking a MAC
You don't want it with that, you don't want to see the llama react
Cause your wifey will be a widow, I can promise you that
Hop in the G5 and fly, the same I sit back
With a hundred kilos of coke and cook it all into crack
Then front it out, cause hand-to-hand, I don't bother with that
I'm a boss, leave a message, I ain't calling you back


Yo, you pussy niggas act all the same
Pointing fingers giving all the blame
Don't be hollering about y'all, be a man nigga, call my name
So I can pick the silly audiences off your brain
When you first stepped to Jo', that's when them problems came
I wet niggas like a storm but it's hardly rain
You looking at L.O.V. like my squad's a gang
Just cause we strapped up, you right, we'll probably bang
And I ain't talking bout colors and flags
I'm talking bout assault rifles and mags, and four dicks to brag
Night vision scope niggas, bust cliques in half
And have my drug dealing homies throw bricks to ass
I don't hustle or rob niggas, more chips to have
Trick or treat like Halloween, more chicks to bag
You going the wrong way nigga, switch your path
Cause that slick shit you spitting, it can get you stabbed

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