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Jozeemo Lyrics

Cry Now Laf Later Lyrics
So here we are, it's just me and you tough guy
And I don't hear you laughing now you f*ck
It's not much fun when the rabbit's got the gun is it?
You f*cking piece of shit
You see, I'm the real gangsta here
Not you and your posse full of street niggas, me
Look at me motherf*cker, I did this to you
Remember me

J-dot, O-dot, Z to the M-O
You don't wanna get splattered? I'm a need you to get low
Aim a barrel longer than my sleeve at your kinfolk
Spare the women and children but squeeze at the menfolk
I figure that you never heard nothing like this from the H.O.J.
Well this ain't your day
Now you mad, I don't flip a phrase and spit it your way
Dho say I'm good, I'm staying hood, just get with Phonte
Get with Pooh, get with 9th, they can vouch for my gutter flow
If Hip Hop was a bitch then I'm sorry that I raped that hoe
I'm here to get the cake and dough, pack this product, make a scope
If life ain't bout choices, what the hell they make The Matrix fo'?
F*ck Smith, it's Agent Jo', spit artefacts but ain't your flow
Relieve you from the bread cause I'm feeling like it ain't your dough
That's my shit, you kidnapped it, held it up for hostage
My love for smoking aces, filled the hammer up with hot shit

See, it's over for you, you son of a bitch
No, this boy's gonna learn some respect
You think you're bad with your tattoos and your gang signs
Well you're wrong nigga
Bad is spelt S.E.D. around here, us
We are the baddest motherf*ckers on the planet
Now say goodnight to the real bad guy
Get him out of my sight

This rap shit, I'm passed it, the bastard of an artist
The beat f*cked my mother so I came out retarded
The flow was like 'caine, it was lined up and snorted
The mic was strong arm, f*ck it I couldn't afford it
We all in together now, all for the cheddar now
Started out raw, I'm still raw with a better style
Lyrics where the pedophiles molested me
Made me a monster, gangsta rap made me a sponsor
F*ck your criticisms and your bad form gestures
Unless you got gwap, you'se a potential investor?
No I ain't think so, opinions mean shit
Got a mean grip, buck and get your f*cking spleen flipped
C-I-Gs different folk, watch me inhale insanity
Niggas was like cattle, goddamn crackers branded me
Fed O'Reilly's demanding me to change my path
I found it funny and responded with the strangest laugh

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