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La Rambla Lyrics
I just wanna rock it for the best

See, in the aftermath of the lantern light
There was the lighted laughter
After he had ignited
The night life came to a stand-still
Till dawn
Still-life captured in my quills
Still quivering hands
Holding my pen
And holding man
Did become one with the unfolding Zen
And then and there I'm cold
And don't know how to sell my shares
In marionettes made from gold

Who wants to be a puppet?
Raise your hand
Drop your head
And grab a bucket
Cash the liquid tears and cop a couple of droplets
F*ck it
Where's the water when I want a drink?
Where's the slaughter when I'm on the brink?

I want to think about leaving heaven for the very first time
Never felt the same way when decay disbursed this line
And time is no longer an object of my desires
I want to live in between the lines
I want to give in and live in a shrine
Promote the art of peace and feel increasingly genuine
Our loving can taste the ocean
It makes an awful good tapestry
The soothing motion for my mind's apathy
Happily changing time zones and subject matter
The latter meaning a decrease in chatter
And more patterns
And more live drums
And more new friends
More dependant on myself for more mental growth
But it depends
On more genital gropes
How good I'm feeling
More importantly is how I'm dealing
With the people I'm meeting
Hearts I'm stealing
Kiss kiss my sweet biscuit
I'm basking in the insecurity of your slit wrist
Lying listless
Not even on the guest list
Not a member of the most pious
Post fliers
Kids my age still on stage
Will never mean it all
Full of rage

Crafted in a cage called high school
Foolishly accepted my foolish roll
Roving along the hallways
Strolling past the Key-master
Whose locks I'm holding
Halfway to Hell in a basement
Taking shop
Pacing myself or else
Have to stop
Slow down
It's the middle of the night
And might we get a little light
Put your hands up for insight
Throw your hands up for insight
Throw your hands up for insight
Lights out
Handcuffed and stuffed in a closet
Fight and shout
And drag them all the way home screaming
I got to try to get it
In flight
Overwhelm me
I won't let it."

Please everyone
Seek to be smart at least once a week
If you can spare the time
It bears doing to your brewing mind
Beaten black and blue and blind
Boast of that in most situations
You and I close hugging
Telling secrets
Want to keep it
Mind over matter
And those who don't believe in peace
Will have their
Knees shattered

Ask me
"To where the trees scattered?"
It's not like it really mattered
Cause feet splattered
Muddy chunks on the walls of concrete jungle
With asphalt floors
And doors that stay locked
And humble men living in fear
Guns cocked
Tears running
Crops grow of sadness
Seeded in the springtime
Sowing a harvest full of madness

Uh huh Uh huh
When I yell "Insight"
You say "Psychosis"
When I yell "Kiss me"
And you start to kiss me
I'll feel it then I'll flow it
It's raining
It's pissing
A glistening liquid
That's my brain and
If you're straining to wipe your face
Craning your neck to check your game
It's not the same no more
That's for sure

I'm shocked at the skills exhibited
As a derivative
Of uninhibited
Given at Scribble Jam
I saw art walk
It's living culture
Locked mind
A one-way door
And you're trapped inside my vision
Art could and should be without
To those who inspired my enlightened condition
I was thinking of you just now
I hope you listened

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