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Jon Young Lyrics

With You Lyrics
Girl Im Stickin Witchu
I Hope That's Coo
Cuz I Jus Aint The Type
To Be Needin Them Too

You're All I Need
I Dont Need 2 Or 3

[Verse 1:]
My Friends Dont Understand
Why Im Witchu All The Time
I Guess They Havnt Found A Dime
One That Blows They Mind

They Talkin Bout Lets Hit The Club
It's Goin Down Tonite
A Booty Shake Contest
And A Mud Pit Fight

But I Aint The Type
To Want A Chick Like That
Especially When I Found
A Girl That's Fly & Got My Back

Yea Them Dudes Droolin Over
All Them Chicks On Stage
But When They Get Em
And They Cheatinthen They Act Amazed

You Cant Tie A Girl Down
That You Met At A Bar
Cuz Chances Arethat's Where The Are
Everytime Y'all Apart

So I'ma Passon The Invitation
I Got A Fly Chick
No Need To Look Any Further
My Search Is Over Wit

All I Need Is My Shawty
I Dont No Other Girl
I Dont Need No Other Chicks
Cuz You Are My World

[Verse 2:]
If Ya Need Me I'll Be Wit Her
I Just Cant Get Enuff
Ill Put My Music On Hold
Just To Go And Pick Her Up

From Worki Luv Spendin Time
I Love Her By My Side
I Want Her Next To Me
When I Go To Sleep At Nite

I Feels So Rightevertime We Lock Lips
Everytime We Hold Hands
I Know This Is What Love Is

Its Been A Year Now
The Year Jus Flew By
That's How I Know
That I Wanna Spend My Whole Life

Wit Mah Shawtyi Couldnt Ask For Betta
It's Like Im High
Ever Since We First Got Together

Dont Need No Weedno Brew
Because I Gotchu
Forever Me And You
Let Me Know If That's Coo
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