Jon Young - Take A Chance On Me Lyrics

Jon Young Lyrics

Take A Chance On Me Lyrics
(Yea...) Jon Young
(I know I can't change the past)
Sky skrapin'
(I want you back)
I want you back shawty

[Chorus x2:]
I know I messed up
But take a chance on me
We been through so much
I can't just up & leave
Please don't let this thing
Come between
What we have
I want you back

[Verse 1:]
Saw u jus the other day
Up at west oaks
We used to go there all the time
But not today though

U was with somebody new
And couldn't say hi
Guess he's one of those type of guys
Yea the jealous type

But that's the kind u like
I was always occupied
With my own life
And now u gone
And I realize

Ain't that the way it goes
Same old story
Now I know
Heard this one b4
But never got it
Til u let me go

In my mind
I was right
While u were wrong
And now look at who's
Writin who the love song

Well I guess u long gone
Moved on
You over me
All I can say is
I wish it ended differently

[Chorus x2]

Take a chance on me
Take a chance on me

[Verse 2:]
I know it's been a while
But I miss u in my bed
Thangs just ain't been the same
Can't u getchu out my head

Oh how I miss seein u right beside me
Ridin in my cutlass
On the way to catch a movie

But yea it's different now
We strangers when we walk past
Funny how we best friends
Next minute
No more past

And when I think about
What I did
I can't stand it
Never thoght u'd leave
But I was takin u for granted

[Chorus x2]
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