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Jon Young Lyrics

Spoken For Lyrics
(feat. J. Cash)

[Chorus x2: Jon Young]
Now That I'm Spoken For
You Wanna Holla
What'chu Thought?
That I Would Just Drop Her?
You Mad 'cause I'm Doin' Fine
(Wanna Know Why)
Maybe 'cause You Aint In My Life

[Verse 1: Jon Young]
Kinda Funny How U Come Around
Guess Word Done Got Around
Didn't Take Long
Musta Seen My Myspace Account

Now Its Voicemails &Amp; Texts
Everytime My My Fone's Checked
B4 U Cared Less
I Was Jus An Ex

Now U Actin Like
We Aint Even Split Up
U Callin It A Break
Im Callin It 2 Late

Im Threw Witcha
So Long
Better Witchu U Gone
Dont Know Whatchu Dont Need
Until Ya Move On

I Dont Need No Chick
F*ckin Up My Life
I Found Someone Better
She Made Me Realize

Whatchu Lookin For Is Out There
I Didnt Believe
I Was, Quick To Settle
For The 1st Thing I'd See

But I Wised Up
Got Me A Down Ass Chick
Mo' Better &Amp; Mo' Badder
I Done Climbed Up The Ladder

So Ya Still Tryna Holla
Whatchu Hopin Fo?
Ya Need To Keep It Movin
Im Spoken Fo

[Chorus x2: Jon Young]

[Verse 2: J. Cash]
We Done Been Through The Hatred
Been Through All The Fake Shit
We Need To Go Our Own Ways
Girl I Cant Take It

So The Phone Calls
Slowly Tappered Off In The Months Naw I Didnt Think About Ya
Nope, Not Even Once

I Been Too Busy Being Happy
I Gots A New Lady
And Now All Of A Sudden You Comin Round
Thats Crazy

Think Im Gonna Leave Her
Girl You Need To Stop Scheming
You Already Had Your Chance
Yea, Bitch Keep Dreaming

And You Can Miss Us
With All Your Lil Kid Games
Startin Rumors Bout Me
My God Girl Them Kid Thangs

And Dont You Have A Man
Wheres He In All This?
Ya Need To Worry Bout You
And Leave Us Alone Bitch

Stop Tryin To Break Us Up
Cuz It Aint Workin
This Loves Too Strong
For Ya Jaw Jerkin

So Aint It Funny
That Every Time Ya Spoken For
It Seems Thats When
They Always Wanna Pop Up &Amp;
They Want Ya More

[Chorus x2: Jon Young]

[Breakdown x2: Jon Young]
Girl U Got Me F*cked Up
I Aint Gona' Leave Her For You
You Must Be Out You Mind
If Ya Thankin' Ima Go Back To You

[Chorus x2: Jon Young]
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