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Jon Young Lyrics

Listen 2 Ur Heart Lyrics
[Breakdown: Jon Young]
When Thangs Seem Impossible
U Gotta Realize Anything Is Possible

Keep Grindin
Listen 2 U Heart
Hold Yaself Together
Dont Fall Apart

[Verse 1: Jon Young]
Been In The Game 4 Years
Good Times & Plenty Tears
I Done Seen It All
Pure Hate
To Standin Cheers

Yea Its A Long Road
Anything Worth Sumthin Iz
Thought Of Quittin
Yea I Have
But I Aint The Type To Quit

Im From A Region
That Was Over Looked For Too Long
So My Struggle's That Much Harder
Thank Im Leavin
Boy Ya Wrong

I Gotta Fanbase
And I Aint Even On A Label
Im Pushin Units
Make Bread Right Under The Table

Now What That Tell Ya
Tha South Aint Even Close To Fihished
We Got Talent
And We Grindso This Aint Eva Endin

So All My Potnas In Tha O
If U Tryna Make It
Jus Keep Grindin
Cuz Ours For The Takin

[Verse 2: J Cash]
You Gotta Listen To Your Heart If You Got Some.
Gotta Give It All If You Really Want Something.
Ya Cant Hold Back, Gotta Go Full On.
And If Ya Fail Then That Dont Make You A Fool Dogg.

It Aint Easy, Believe Me, I Know You Know Me.
I Came From Nuttin To Suttin And I Keep Growing.
Not Just From Flowing, But Homie From My Life Too.
Make Something Of Yourself, Be A Man, Get It Right Dude.

The Fast Money, The Cash Money, It Sound Cool.
But Where Ya Gonna Go When You Dont Finish High School?
Now I Aint Trying Say Dont Get Your Hustle On.
If You Do, Thats Cool, But Its A Struggle Dogg.

So Make The Smart Choices, Try To Do What Seems Best.
This A Test So Live For You Homie Bump The Rest.
Look Out For Number One, And When Its Hard To Smile.
Remember All Along The Fight Is Always Worth The While
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