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Homeboyz Sister Lyrics
[you know she aint nothing nothing nothing but a ho]3x

but i dont really care and imma get that so.

i knew this ghetto ass chick from the hood named taneka always wore da dickies tank-tops and cortez sneakers,
came around talking bout she think that i should freak her said that i was down cuz i heard she was a pleaser
now shawty dancing in her thong and shes a teaser rubbing all up on me,
getting down on her kneesa,
talking about the things she gon' do for a nigga.
but first she wanted me to go down on her and eat her.
said that i was with it like it was a slice of pizza. ate that pussy good like it was hunny to the beesa,
now she goin down on me like a straight skeeza, busted on her face in her mouth and on her teeza,
nah i aint dumb baby just give me a breather,
still with my dick in hand held it like it was a leaver.
through up on her back and she pulled a spread eager got her on all fours still and continued just to beat her.
making all sorts of noise mommy was a screamer the way man i f*cked her shouldve been a misdemeanor.
then we was all done asked me if i was gonna leave her.
i said not forever but for now bitch see ya. hoped back in the drop ss63,
rolled to the spot homies asked where i beza, tell em bout tha ho i just tossed like a seeza come to find to she was tha she was tha


she was the homeboys sister and i knew her well she alway liked to rondevue at this one motel we had to keep it on the hush cuz somebody might tell that i was freaking my homeboys sista

verse 2:
yea hes my dawg but his sister is a straight up freak.
the kind of girl that puts on when u wake up u weak.
she hits me up every evening talking bout she cant sleep she scooped me up in her whip and to the motel we creep.
11:30 quater till. is the usual time we getting down between the sheets tipsy off dat wine she stay ready and wet like she read my mind hitting every little spot man her than a dime,
but i cant let my parter know cuz knowing him he might trip,
he wouldnt want his younger sister with a dude like this,
but i cant resist,
you see them ass and tits,
f*ck a viagra one glimpse of this bitch and its over with,
she got me feinning day dreaming,like a drug addiction,
id probably lose it if i didnt have my daily perscription,
i make sure that everyday i renew my subscription, cuz when my homie find out im fixing to turn up missin.


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