Jonny Z - Puro Latin Bass Lyrics

Jonny Z Lyrics

Puro Latin Bass Lyrics
(feat. South Park Mexican)

[Jonny Z]
Yes yes ya'll
It's your boy Jonny Z
And I got my homie the South Park Mexican
And we're gonna kick a little Puro Latin Bass

[Verse 1: Jonny Z]
Well it's Jonny Z and South Park we're ready to roll
Sport Versache and a Rollex and our pockets are swole
Check in the pent house the day of the show
Check them player haters to because we good to go
We roll in 99 Impalas with the 20 inch blades
Rolling hydro with my boy before I hit the the stage
See we just in town for just one night
Making freaks shake that ass when I grab the mic
Being born in the barrio is were it all started
Pouring 40's for my homies who are gone and departed
Now the jente give me porfts when I walk in the place
The freaks give it up when I show my face
You know I got love thats all I can say,
they can't get enough of Puro Latin Bass

[Verse 2: South Park Mexican]
SPM and Jonny Z
On another bomby
My G quick to pmp to pump the party
Will we quit not me
Like it my style cause I do'em doggy
Still I get jiggy
Here kitty kitty
The finest girls I met are from a little bitty city
Big booty big iskies
Spending 20's and 50's
I really don't mind cause to me its just pennies
Sippin on henny
Haters can't affend me
Still I have your click hallin who killed Kenny
Hgh power player
Microphone slayer
Smoking red hair
With the H-town layer
Puro Latin Bass
All in your face
Im'a watch the whole world all fall into place

[Verse 3: Jonny Z]
Now we 8o8 kick drum
Makes the girlies get dumb
Haters try and front but the ladies wanna get some
Back at the momo
Keep it on the lowlow
With this Latin player that drives'em loco

[South Park Mexican]
Bass in the attick of my caddilac seville
Come around here we can battle rap for real
Got bass shaking walls and rattling the house
Letting boys know who the baddest in the south
Now I bow down
Represent my cow town
Smoking on the pow wow
Bet you feel my style now
Hella pipe players
Dress like Im'a ?
Boy's wanna spray us
Girls shake they ass

[Jonny Z]
Cause you know we got love thats all I can say
They can't get enough of Puro Latin Bass
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