Joni Rewind - Can't F*ck With Them Lyrics

Joni Rewind Lyrics

Can't F*ck With Them Lyrics
(feat. Diamond D, Lord Finesse & Jahai)

[Verse 1: Diamond D]
2002 baby...aight
Yo, I got a left hook that's like smokin' Joe
Switchin' lanes on the turnpipe smokin' dro'
If your toes ain't right, boo, no can go
Slide off to the crib f*ck choke in gold
FYI all I do is TCB
Pearlwhite Escalade with DVD
Beat a nigga down even in his BVD
1-8 for the f*cks what it means to me
Now you can take it or leave it
I guess I'm purple haze, twist it up and take it and breathe it
Too many chicks just take it and leave it
Too many cats hear the fake and believe it
Believe it some say my aura is strange
Cause I do a Buck 20 when I floor the range
Got a house that cost about four and change
The more things stay, the more they change
I'm so real with it so ill with it so deal with it
Aiight, spit out a chick and peel with it
Up in the truck and let shorty feel with it
Conversation minimal and still hit it
Conversation minimal and still hit it
Conversation's minimal and still hit it
Real with it, ill with it, deal with it
Conversation is minimal..yo

[Hook: Jahai]
Cause if a penny is on the floor, stop and back up
Laugh what, money is money, that shit add up
And expose the hub cats to rims
Now dime mommy's gon' spread they lips
Oh no, I'm gettin' mad again
Spit, gyms, do shows, head bop again
Y'all pretend, official from the team Where pop shot began
Till my heartbeat end, it's the same story once again
Y'all Can't F*ck With Them

[Verse 3: Lord Finesse]
Check it out
I'm like the governor see I work in a state
Got broke niggaz out hustlin' to purch' the tape, so
Get a life see y'all DOA
We in the makin' chips like Free Do'Lay
We don't play y'all fake pimps be beginnin' to see
While y'all pay 'em to stay we can't get 'em to leave
No doubt, we keepin' chicks grinnin' for days
You just mad cause they won't increase minimum wages
I was a Buck 40 when I was new in the game
Now I'm doin' my thing flossin' comin' through in the lane
Aim besides money; screwin' the dames
Am I eatin' right shit I'm like toss and change
Me and my man Diamond D like two and the sames
Step up on the court drop 50, ruin your game
Oh you can bet on that, take a loss, you dead on that
You can find motherf*ckers wherever the cheddar's at
Ahead of cats I pull off the mean cape and to them bigheads
All dead guys on brief paper
Teamplayer this that and the third
Better play like Yehova Witness nigga spread the word

[Hook: Jahai]