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Transporting Lyrics
[Intro: Remedy (JoJo Pellegrino)]
Yeah (Rem?) Yo (Yo, you hear me, kid?)
Joe, what up? (Yo, you got that for me, man?) Uh-huh
(You got me more than one) Yeah I got you 3 tickets to the game
(How's the seats) Definitely not nose bleed
(Good) Box seats, guaranteed (perfect, perfect)
(So what, same as usual then, kid) Yup
(Alright, then I see you when I see you, say no more, say no more) Sounds good

[JoJo Pellegrino (Remedy):]
We had to learn the trip so well (took it a thousand times)
Knew the ins and outs of the route (pushing through county lines)
Hustle, risking chance, occupation is ducking swine (yo, f*ck the middle man)
Box the cake in like Duncan Hines (let's get this over fast)
Through my nose in grams, took a sample blast
This the shit (slid the cash across the table glass)
Flood the street like backed up sewers (stack funds foolish)
Raps much losers (jacked up whores) steaks and Peter lugers
(Texas Hold 'Em in the clubhouse) minimum bet (t-bone)
Toasting bottles to the neighborhood mobsters that soon to be home
(Break bread) Break the code of silence (break legs)
Every man eating (every man happy) well fed, plus said
(Speed limit) Route 66 (discrete whip)
With more than one set of keys in it (pack coffee beans with it)
Hand trucks, thousand pound safes weight (a NASA tour with big apes)
Pump jacks (cylinders) cakes
(Whipping through states) We sacrifice it all and bleed for that bargain price
(Cash up) Only thing receive on the arms of stripes
(Wire taps and bugs) informants get wrapped in rugs
(Local thugs) behind beer mugs (and social clubs)
Rolling dubs (that's 2 grand) the out of state connect I run
(The size of Christmas trees) purplish fuzz (yo, hit your cause)
Three hundred fifty pound bails (digital scales that weigh whales)
Compound buckets and garbage pails
(20 clip sales) priority mail (Canada trail)
Never stale to fail product banging (like hammers and nails)
My man from Rose Bank (wild Albanian dude) holds rank (drove tanks)
Busted ATM's out of closed banks
(Home invasion) adrenaline rush, the thought of scoring
(Boom goes the door in, 3 or 4 men pouring)
This extortion (101) black mask (gloves and gun)
Reach for the stars and you done (rob you for fun)
Call it a shakedown (beasting it) yo, f*ck the police and shit
(A nickel back sold in the park) we want a piece of it
(Nation wide distribution) like Caroline and Koch
(Arizonas) no pimples (thirty pound blocks)
Federal agents watch (rubberband knots) burial plots
Who gave un gats (million dollar yachts, pull out the dots)
Supply and demand (supply and demand) give up the greens
(Set up the team) this is the American dream

[Chorus x2: Remedy (JoJo Pellegrino)]
Yo, this is real live transporting (something like a movie)
With no film edits or credits (from yours truly)
Network for net worth (clockworks, spin like the Earth)
To make money (you gotta spend money doing dirt)

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