Jojo Pellegrino - Fiend Lyrics

Jojo Pellegrino Lyrics

Fiend Lyrics
Blow blow blow! The microphone fiend..
The microphone fiend.. the microphone fiend..

I was a fiend - the neighborhood called it a pipe dream
My early teens, meltin microphones like ice cream
My life scheme, I was starvin to make it
Wanna know how I pulled it off? COMPLICATED
See I grabbed the mic until the game sound sure
Frontin on the skintone, he said the kid ain't raw
COOL - see I don't get upset
I "Move the Crowd" without breakin a sweat, and I jet
(and I jet) back to the lab, to put the thoughts on pad
To steam a twenty bag and let the track drag
Punchlines accumulate; the engineers cue DATs
I hit the vocal booths, and it's a wrap (and it's a wrap)
Flee the scene in a big black truck, lookin mean
Caress the wheel with a cool scene lean, KNOW WHAT I MEAN?
(Know what I mean) Natural, do it off the top of the head
Got a famous mug, ladies wanna hop in the bed
Name spread quick like nasty rumors, MC's get brain tumors
I'm Anthony Sr., they Jackie Jr.'s
It's a great world and Violator is my team
Staten supreme, I'm the "Microphone Fiend"

[Eric B. and Rakim original scratched in as the hook]

The invincible, microphone fiend Pellegrino
I make the stage glow, rhymes are like death blows
Strikin rappers pressure points, one at a time
I'm stealin your light; technically you runnin your shine
(you runnin your shine) Words connect like a shot to the chin
Remain cool as a breeze MC's are "Gone With the Wind" and I'm in
E, F-F-E-C-T
The rap Frank Sinatra representin correctly (representin correctly)
Back to the problem - you see I live for the mic
Fiend daily plus I'm bingin at night
Dawg by any means necessary this is what has to be done
Make way, cause here I come
You see a part of me you never seen
When I'm fiendin for the microphone, I'm the "Microphone Fiend"
On the come up; slide the clips in to throw the guns up
Move dirty like a dumptruck
Chain swing like a numchuk, flow tighter than some lugnuts
Put my work in to max in the cut
Keep the great world spinnin and Violator is my team
Staten supreme, I'm the "Microphone Fiend"

[Eric B. and Rakim scratched in]
[JoJo] The "Microphone Fiend"
[Eric B. and Rakim scratched in]

It's a must that I'll bust any mic you hand to me
I kick a freestyle the people lose sanity
The envious wanna stick him and push his wig back
Negative - I carry a full pack (a full pack)
Now I don't wanna have to let off, and take your head off
or boxcut some of your flesh off - STEP OFF (step off)
Ladies and gentlemen - what you're about to see
A tank(?) kid finesse the rap game properly
Any MC or rhymer, nobody gets more liver
It's my +Destiny, Child+ I'm a "Survivor"
Spit fire hotter than lava; battle me
that's like playin Russian Roulette, with six in the revolver
Pretty boy but JoJo get ugly when he cramped in
Regardless of the fact the women love him with a passion (passion)
It's a great world and Violator is my team
Staten supreme, I'm the "Microphone Fiend"

[Eric B. and Rakim scratched in]
[JoJo] The "Microphone Fiend"
[JoJo] Yeah yeah, the "Microphone Fiend"

[Eric B. and Rakim scratched in] [beat fades]

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