Jojo Pellegrino - Ba Da Bing Ba Da Boom Lyrics

Jojo Pellegrino Lyrics

Ba Da Bing Ba Da Boom Lyrics
See I'm superstar, smoke cigars, pullin' on scores in stolen cars
Rock belows, fold your cars, playin' the game, betta know the odds
Blow the dice, roll the dice, mandatory pokin' nights
Deadlier than a cobra's bite, dese young guns look sold to life
Hold the mics, drunk on lonely nights, whip with me like motorbikes
Shit, I know people who smoke to Christ, bleed for less
See they meet a poltergiest, these punks ain't got nuttin' on me
Back rap cats frontin' on me, smoke po cats tryin' to run with me
Givin' raise stone point, sittin' under a tree
Recognize bitch shake to the beat, if you think you can f*ck with me
Flippin' this shit like 1, 2, 3, armed an dangerous emcee
Cruise to the hood in an MPV, all eyes on that MVP
All blue eyes on BET, four letter words on MTV
Forty gold chains worth seven g's, live on stage with a desert eag
Any CEO that has ever breathed, approached JoJo with a set keyes
But I stay cool like ten degrees, lock shit down like Genovese
Keep a close look on my enemies, and keep a in bat in the trunk to bend your knees

Ba da bing ba da boom, sing to the tomb
When the king's in the room, makin' you bounce
Ba da bing ba da boom, when the king's in the room
Sing to the tomb, lockin' it down
Ba da bing ba da boom, sing to the tomb
When the king's in the room, makin' you bounce
Ba da bing ba da boom, when the king's in the room
Sing to the tomb

My advice for you, don't f*ck around
I'm as strife as you, guineas in the cut take life from you
(Blah, Blah) Broad day like takin' life from you
Ain't no love for the likes of you
Doin' this here is like ridin' on a bicycle
Listen up playboy I'm too nice for you
Run back and tell who writes for you
Was shoppin' in the muthaf*ckin' Nice-a-Doo
Lay back always sittin' for my heist to pull
Pull the heat to your chain, no ice for you
I see you in ICU, betta cop your biscuit
Grab your crucifix and kiss it, this hit is wicked
Anybody wanna one way ticket, throwin' darts at me
You might risk it, check this here
Ain't nothin' but vets in here
You against me is less than fair
Who the f*ck you impressin' here
Chop that ass like electric chair
It's more than you want then lets declare
I'ma send my condets in there
Make a mess in there, teach you a lesson there
Do what I'm stressin' here, when you speakin' my name
Use extra care, touch my chain a berreta flare
Turn a handshake to a death affair
Without one breath of air, you restin' there
Let it be known, ain't nothin' present here
This is my zone you be steppin' in
I 'member that you served till your chest appears


I make big dough up in the rap game (Ba da bing ba da boom)
We make moves out in these streets (Ba da bing ba da boom)
Now JoJo bangin' all them girls, huh (Ba da bing ba da boom)
Hows he be killin' all these beats (Ba da bing ba da boom)
Yo, yo, I pull a dart with yo name on it
Pimpin' JoJo? Nah I put the game on it
A track with me, be got you be slain on it
Huh, sunny side up when I sang on it
South Shores stuck and we slang on it
Push your head till them neighbors won't bang on it
While muthaf*ckas try to step but he ain't want it
Knock it down with them hottest sound flames on it
Straight up buy slaughtered tracks, with torture raps
Doors and slacks, and bedorin hats
Cool jean teams spinnin' off the wax
Back and forth and forth and back
Walk with that, I ain't soft with that
It's natural for assholes snortin' crack
Yeah, you gon' push me off the map
Like I won't torch your cap and torch the gat
Pellegrino story, there's more than that
Great world, CR you can call it that
Wanna be Italians, get off of that
Or get hit across the back with a baseball bat
This is real life ever thought of that
1999 can't afford to slack
Wanna face shit, kid I'm tired of that
Ba da bing ba da boom, baby holla back

[Hook x2]

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