Johnny Cash - You Can't Beat Jesus Christ Lyrics

Johnny Cash Lyrics

You Can't Beat Jesus Christ Lyrics
He was born to be known as everybody's brother
He is the Father, Son and Mary is His mother
He is a 'scuse my slanguage

Well, a compound country kinda guy
(Yes, He is)
Ain't no way to get around it
You just can't beat Jesus Christ
(No, you can't)

Well I used to crank and drank
Until my back was to the floor
I'd take it to the limit
Then I'd try to get some more

Yeah, when it came to gamblin'
Well, Lord I'd know how to roll them dice
(Yes, I would)
Ain't no two ways about it
I have been saved by Jesus Christ
Yes, I have

Even though I am a sinner
He will always be my friend
Well, He starts in the middle
And He does not have an end

And when my soul was held for ransom
Yeah, He is the one who paid the price
Ain't no reason to deny it
I owe it all to Jesus Christ

Yes I do, God bless You

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