Johnny Cash - Tennessee Lyrics

Johnny Cash Lyrics

Tennessee Lyrics
Momma I guess you heard
I got married Tennessee
I got a blue eyed girl
Who thinks the world of me

We got a cabin in the country
And a creek that rolls near by
And a dog won't even bark at a firefly

Our clothes lines hang just outside our back door
And theres a tire that swings in the air 10 feet or more
Theres a church I can't seem to find on Sunday morning
But I sure found the place I belong in

And we wear blue jeans and big green things
Spend the summer time naturally high
By, chopping wood for next winters fire
Saving our money for the county fair
George Jones is supposed to be there
We got, forty acres of corn on the ground
Tennessee taters we sell by the pound
Proud as we can be, to live in Tennessee

Momma you and Dad gotta come stay with us sometime
I know you'll love that sweet little gal of mine
You and her could take about babies
Make some homemade apple pie
While me and Dad take a walk maybe talk about old times


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